Thursday, December 20, 2007

Diluted or Deluded, Republican field is both, either

Today, it is expected that Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo will announce the end of his 2008 Republican Presidential aspirations. This is a sad thing. No, not 'sad'; it is regretable.
Tancredo along with fellow Representative Duncan Hunter made the building of a border fence to establish a more secure America, a major plank in their agendas.

That issue is the most important to me.

With the exception of Duncan Hunter, the remaining field of Republican candidates seems thin, slick and worst of all, not completely Consevative. Diluted with liberal compromises and big government spending plans. Not one of the 'top-tier candidates' has shown the grit and fierce determination YET to denounce the quiet invasion of America from our southern border.

Except Duncan Hunter.

I guess that I'm just aggrivated that the big news agencies, FOX, CNN, the alphabet networks are all centered in New York City, where nothing is real; it's like Hollywood: All flash, splash and delusion. Everyone seems to be hyping Mayor Rudy Giuliani or Governor Mitt Romney, grooming them. Annointing them. Selling them.

Whatever the big pundits back east see in Rudy and Mitt, I just can't see. They certainly want the mantle of 'Conservative', they claim to be conservative, it's just that their performance records say otherwise.

The further away in time that we get from the Ronald Reagan administration, the harder it is to recall what 'conservatism' is. There is that sad thing I was thinking about earlier.

The other candidates? Governor Huckabee, Senator McCain, Senator Thompson and Rep. Paul? They still haven't looked up the word conservative in the dictionary. They cannot live it, if they don't know it. Because only by living the distinctive way of life can they govern in that way. By governing in that distinctive style, they teach, and they cause their fellow Americans to vote in other races that way.
Call it "Leadership", too.

Conservativism just doesn't run deep through these other candidates, except for Duncan Hunter. An analogy would be a deep river, like the Mississippi or the Tennessee, to be Duncan Hunter; and a widely spread, shallow river like the North Canadian River being the rest of the pack.

Every now and then I run this cutesy "Those Wacky Democrats" post, with a photo of the Our Gang kids.
Now it seems like I'll need to think about a recurring "Those Wannabe Republicans" post. That too, is sad.

So other than a Duncan Hunter candidacy to
work and to pray for, what?

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Red S Tater said...

Tom Tancredo is a good man whom I have voted for in Colorado and I respect greatly and frankly I just like the guy. I think he could end up as a VP running mate or a high level cabinet post like Sec of Interior or Homeland Security yet.

I am so glad that you have thrown your full support to Congressman Hunter. I genuinely hope that Tom does the same, as the Tancredo supporters have a lot in common with Hunter's Rangers... besides the fence as you are already aware.

I look forward to your creativity being unleashed on the entire field and can't wait to see what you come up with to help get Hunter the attention he deserves and future of our country demands.

God Bless you my friend.