Friday, December 14, 2007

Dissent and Folly in Bali

The ice storm of 2007 is making the history books. At this time, 1:30 pm, some 230,000 Oklahomans still have no electricity. I hope and pray that everyone is staying warm, some safe way, while we wait for the terrific electric repair crews to get the power back on. Thanks to, and blessed be, that bunch of hard workers! My utility has gone off twice since last Sunday. However, snow and more sleet is in the forecast for today and tomorrow.

The news on Global Warming today, coming from the great big United Nations pow-wow in Bali, is surely bleak to the environmentalists: Near the end of the thing, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announces that "NO restrictions to carbon emissions will be forthcoming... maybe later." U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told reporters it may be too "ambitious" to set targets for greenhouse-gas emissions in the draft text of an agreement aimed at replacing the Kyoto Protocol to stop global warming.

Delegates from about 190 nations, now holding high-level meetings, are split over whether targets should be set now or later. Mr. Moon Ban recognizes the divisions.
"Frankly speaking, realistically, it may be too ambitious if delegates would expect to be able to agree on target of greenhouse gas emission reduction," he said. "But, as I told you, some time down the road we will have to agree on that."

Stupid Diplomats! Next time you organize something like this on Global Warming, schedule the meeting place to be the Sahara Desert, or the Antarctic. The subtle influence of the local climate could persuade your delegates. Hey, I'm just sayin'.... maybe the exotic beaches of Bali, the tropical climate there may have been your downfall, with high temperatures in the low 80's, lows in the comfortable high 60s... Would a severe earthquake and resulting tsunami have helped your arguments, Mr. Moon Ban? (NOTE: is that name only one letter OFF, or what?!)

Another 'climate change meeting' like this is scheduled for next month, in Hawai'i!! ALOHA

Without question, the "carbon footprints" made by so many diplomats jetting to Bali, Indonesia had to be enormous, and unnecessary. But your world-wide scare tactics wouldn't focus on your own contributions, would it? NO, instead you should make countries pay outlandish fees for having a good economy, for high employment and progress.
The UN cannot stand to have that!

A global tax on carbon dioxide emissions was urged to help save the Earth from catastrophic man-made global warming at the United Nations climate conference. A panel of UN participants on Thursday urged the adoption of a tax that would represent "a global burden sharing system, fair, with solidarity, and legally binding to all nations. Finally someone will pay for these [climate related] costs," said Othmar Schwank, a global tax advocate, and advisor to the Switzerland-based Mauch Consulting firm.

Former vice president Al Gore (Algore) spoke at the Bali assembly yesterday, and continued his habit of attacking the United States, while outside her borders. But Algore did a bold act, in addition to his bombastic speech: He actually dyed his hair GREEN, to show his solidarity with the world's socialists, and Earth worshippers.

Global warming is the newly made religion of the progressive set: A religion well suited for liberal socialists, who cannot see anything supernatural, only things tangible.--
See, it, the Global Religion has a deity- the Earth; and it has a demon- Polluting, Evil Mankind. Tithes are to be made in the form of taxes by countries who sin against Earth; it has salvation, through works- carbon emmission reduction; and it has it's own versions of Heaven- a One World Government- and of Hell- Pretty much Status Quo. Heh heh.

During the week of Thanksgiving, your Local Malcontent took off and went to the deer woods, hunting (ostensibly).

I had ample time to consult with, to speak with the Earth as I stalked along her hills, valleys and streams around here. The Earth consoled me with assuring words, about her ability to self-regulate, to manage any perceived damage done to her by her children, Mankind.

The Earth is far greater, stronger than climate-change advocates give her credit. She has dealt with travails far more threatening than anything which mere man can produce; and she survives. Mother Earth asked me if I thought that the great scientists of the world today had total knowledge of her yet, or if they still are learning of her: I thought about it, and replied that 'No, they are still learning.' Earth then asked me, "Why do some of mankind, then discredit my yet-unknown abilities to stay in my natural balance?"
I had no answer.

Earth told me to be serene, reminding me of her love. Earth told me factors on a far more lofty level are responsible, not the works of man.

Earth told me that what should be seen as opportunities for man to gain knowledge in this time, are rather seen as dangers causing many to seek shelter.
Earth told me that lessons we should be learning are going by the wayside.

Earth asked me whether I doubted the Creator, and the Intelligence used, when He created her, our planet, with all the means to anticipate and counteract any action of man?
I knelt in prayer right there, and asked God's forgiveness.

Earth told me to be happy, to spread good cheer; to be 'childlike' instead of 'childish', in my wonder and my awe of God's creations, and of Nature... That was all that was needed from mankind.

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