Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Duncan Hunter - The Class of Ronald Reagan

I must now type posts until 2012 continuously, to work off the Christmas calories eaten in the last two days!

So let's begin. One of my Christmas "treats" to myself, was to subscribe to a Conservative Journal website called "Patriot Post". (It's free, by the way)
And uh, guess what was the first I read: The Patriot Post evaluates the 2008 Republican presidential candidates.

It gives a numerical rating to each man, based upon on analysis of many factors -- their record, experience, capability, character, leadership qualifications and, of course, their ability to read and understand the plain language of our Constitution -- and act accordingly. Many voters support candidates on the basis of one or two of the aforementioned qualifiers, which is to say, if your favorite candidate scored lower, it is likely because of qualifiers other than those on which you base your support.

Newt Gingrich was rated an "8". His rating was the highest one that I saw... initially. The lowest was "3", for my former choice Tom Tancredo. Everyone else was in between, I thought...

Until I saw that the Patriot Post endorses a real conservative, the one who cannot buy a 15 minute spot on any nationally carried radio program like Sean Hannity, Rush, or Neal Boortz. This conservative website endorses Duncan Hunter for President.

Here's what PatriotPost.us says about Hunter: "If men of wisdom and knowledge ... and true republican simplicity of manners ... are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation." --Samuel Adams

The consensus among the chattering class is that this presidential cycle features no clear heir to the Reagan mantle. Yet of the declared candidates, conservatives outnumber the media-dubbed triumvirate of Giuliani, McCain and Romney. Most notable among them is Duncan Hunter, the California representative who hails from The Gipper's lucky city of San Diego.

Hunter earned his congressional seat in 1980, in a 2-to-1 Democrat-dominated district. He did so with a winning combination of determination, shoe leather, integrity and a clear conservative philosophy as espoused by GOP presidential candidate Ronald Reagan.

The National Journal recently assessed political placement of declared presidential candidates based on a gamut of congressional votes. While this obviously applies only to legislators, Hunter achieved the most conservative score -- 82.5 of a possible 99 -- edging Sam Brownback. Both are well ahead of the rest of the pack. Indeed, Hunter has a lengthy list of conservative bona fides.

Every characteristic touted as a distinguisher for another candidate is one Hunter also demonstrates. He combines the military service and acumen of McCain with the border-security stances of Tom Tancredo, he's been a consistent defender of human life and traditional families in law and he has a firm grasp of the principles of constitutional law. He has as much or more experience as a legislator than most of his primary contenders.

A true Patriot, Hunter proclaims, "America is a great nation because America is a good nation. God still loves this nation. We are still a people of character and strength and kindness. And so with faith in God, with confidence in the goodness of the American people, let's win this race for the United States presidency."

Not a bad website! Not a bad Christmas present to myself! And certainly not a bad choice for President!
(Oh, and yes, the Patriot Post also evaluated three Democrats: Hillary, Obama, and Algore. Their cumulative rating was a big goose egg, each.)


Red S Tater said...

outstanding mal... I may lovingly lift this one from ya bud.
Duncan Hunter is updated Reagan 2.0

BTW- Stan Geiger seems to have a problem with my Hillary is shopping post and the 10 Years After quote tag in my labels... he wrote an entire piece about what a load of crap this was.... I didn't make it up, blame Alvin Lee. LOL

GoHunter08 !

The Localmalcontent said...

hehehe, you said 'my Hillary'.

Dude! Wake up, you're having a nightmare!

Red S Tater said...

LMAO.... well played my friend, well played.