Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chased by Satanists (the Law) - again.

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Here is my choice for the strangest, weirdest news story of 2007.

It involves a man, a minister, who disappeared in 1980, from Hammond, Indiana. He left behind a wife and two young daughters. Seven years later, the wife had a court declare the man, Don LaRose, deceased.

Until he resurfaced again this year, as the mayor of Centerton, Arkansas, under a new name, Ken Williams. Remarried 21 years.

As Ken Williams, he operated a website about the mysterious disappearance of Don LaRose. (himself!!) A Northwest Arkansas newspaper reporter began to put the pieces together, and found the missing man's first wife and grown up daughters.

Did I mention that as LaRose, he claimed that he was kidnapped and tortured by Satanists, TWICE! while a preacher in New York, and again in Indiana. These Satanists threatened his and his family's lives, he claims.
So he left. Left them, to be precise. (they are better off, if you ask me!)

Now, Mr. LaRose/Williams didn't start "remembering" all of this until he began some kind of shock treatments, or had some "truth serum" injected, or hyponsis... it depends on what day he is telling the story.

Oh, and the name Ken Williams? It and the Social Security Number he uses to this day, belonged to a Ken Williams who died in 1958.

The whole story is just full of the kind of comical ins and outs one would expect in an "X-files" episode, complete with total debunking, at the end.

Satanists can be just so darned evil, can't they?

For more on this Arkansas polygamist-mental case, here are some links:

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Williams' own Don LaRose website is HERE, to be shut down on atty's advice.
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From the Northwest Indiana newspaper this Hammond, Indiana


Red S Tater said...

That's weird man... did he turn up at the Clinton campaign office a couple of days ago?

The Localmalcontent said...

In New Hampshire? NO.
But he had taped a video YouTube question to be asked to the Republican candidates on their CNN debate.
He was going to ask Rudy and all, about the mayor's stance on satanists. Well, it was as relevent as the Stars and Bars question was...