Friday, December 7, 2007

An Inconvenient Spoof

Oslo, Norway (AP) — Former Vice President Al Gore arrived in Oslo on Friday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize he shared for the campaign against global warming, and shunned the traditional airport motorcade in favor of climate-friendly public transport.
Gore will accept the prize he shared with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at a ceremony in the Norwegian capital on Monday. Upon arriving in Oslo, Gore urged governments meeting at a climate conference in Bali, Indonesia, "to promptly produce a strong mandate."

"I use public transport when I can. It isn't always possible," Gore told The Associated Press while walking up Oslo's main street to his hotel. He said the train was much faster than a limousine, but that it was also a symbol of efforts to reduce pollution in hopes of slowing climate change.

"It is a gesture. It is also one of the changes we [meaning YOU, not Gore] are all going to have to be doing anyway," Gore said.

Oh, spare me! I've gotta admit, this jackass has hit upon a goldmine, called "Global Warming" in the summertime, and "Climate Change" in the winter. For Gore to admit that his taking the train was a 'gesture', and a 'symbol', is illustrative of his self-importance, of his arrogance.
The Local Malcontent is working on a post, a long post, tearing "Global Warming" a new opening, exposing the whole, alarmist, circus sideshow as the mock religion that it is. And that maybe, it is on a similar level of absurdity as is Islam.... Because in both psuedo religions, if you reject either one, you are condemned.

Trouble is, however, each time I come back to work on said post, I get overheated and have to stop after a paragraph or so. But have no doubts-- global warming is the new Islam for liberals. And have no doubts, I will get my post perfected soon.


Red S. Tater said...

hey mal, great post my friend. Thanks BTW for the kind words about the better half (over at my blog), she is much sassier and at least feeling much better... "better livin' through chemistry".

Be sure to look into the High school student that has a great ongoing report into the bogus sensors used to track the temp's around the planet. They put those sensors next to a A/C exhaust etc.

The Biggest Hoax in the history of the world.
so says the creator of the weather channel.

Also check out Dr William Grey at CSU in Colorado... good backup stuff for your post.

I look forward to seeing it!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yeah, I did it again...