Saturday, December 29, 2007

Line 6g, Form 1040 -- Political Affiliation?

I have been thinking about something for awhile, and it makes sense to me, but there is an evasive kernel of truth in this which yet escapes me.

Would you mind being my sounding board for a minute?

IF Americans were required to pay Federal, State and city taxes according to our individual political ideals, then Democrats would pay a larger portion of their income in taxes. Republicans, on the other hand, would pay lower taxes. (GIVEN, that everyone must still pay taxes.)

This would allow Democrats to assuage their consciences, knowing that they are giving more to correct perceived social injustices. Until they see wealthier Republicans in their Lexuses, or their Escalades pulling a sleek ski boat to their second homes on the lake.

Then, I believe, Democrats would stampede to the Election Board, to change their political affiliation. Maybe not every Democrat, but some would. Libertarians would stand and watch the parade, and the Socialists would be the hardest working people you could find-- they would have the highest tax burdens of them all.

HERE is where I'm having the mental disconnect: All these people described are already doing just that!

The only difference with this and reality, is the driving desire of Democrats to tax and spend everyone else's money.

As Ann Coulter's latest book's title clearly defines: "If Democrats had any brains, they'd be Republicans", since as Democrats become wealthier, they become more Conservative, more aware of the immense tax burden, and cognizant of the feckless efforts to ending, or in truth prolonging social ills.

IF there are so many more Democrats than Republicans, then why not impose the higher taxes on themselves?

Call it a Voluntary tax. After all, Democrats all look forward to pay higher taxes.
Everyone is happy that way, no? Simply change that one variable, and Viola! Coast to coast happiness. Let the conservatives fund the building of the border fences and the military; let Democrats fund mandated health care.

What is wrong with this idea? Where is my blind spot here? Other than the unconstitutionality of the whole idea; but I'm not entirely convinced that a government-enforced redistribution of wealth is all that constitutional either.

[My Gosh, I'm thinking like a Ron Paulnut]

Maybe what America needs instead, is a Fair Tax. Because now, it is an Unfair Tax. And no one is happy.

That is one problem I'm unable to solve as I sit here in front of my glowing, blazing fireplace . Come to think of it, if Liberals chose to cut their carbon footprints only, then the Earth's "warming" would be cut in half or more....


TheTownCrier said...

Hi! Found you on Hunter's blogs. Check us for lot of Duncan Hunter information. I have lots of family buried in Oklahoma, all Cherokee who hung out with your relatives a lot, especially during the civil war. Stay well!

I thought I was the only one who proudly calls themself a malcontent! lol


CGHill said...

There's no need to modify existing laws; if some people think they need to be paying more taxes, they can go right ahead and pay them. The Treasury will accept the additional amounts without question. (If they're getting refunds, they can simply refuse to cash the checks.)

Of course, it's not that they think they need to be paying more taxes; it's that they think you need to be paying more taxes.

Red S Tater said...

LOL, you wacky ronbot you!

The only way dem's would go for a plan like this is if they get to set the taxes on rich Republicans without it affecting rich democrat politicians.

Hey mal, go by oklahoma lefty's when you get a chance... both he and Otter matched up to Republicans in the political calculator they grabbed at my place.

They both scored Huckabee the highest... and ultra-rightwinger John Cox (withdrew Nov 11th)... they are scratching their heads over it for sure.
funny stuff.

The Localmalcontent said...

Good sense- my thanks to you all. I think also that my concept would never work either, except like I said, it essentially is already. Maybe, since taxes can freely be Overpaid, we should urge that tactic first, before any mandated tax increases.

Heyyah, Towncrier! With a name like that, you could call yourself
The LocalScreamer. LOL