Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Live from Des Moines, it's a Republican free-for-all

I agree-- the Republican Debate to Iowans this afternoon, was mostly won by the moderator for Iowa Public TV, a.k.a. Nurse Ratchet, dominatrix in her manner.

Of the 9 candidates there, which included Ambassador Alan Keyes for a change, I felt that Governor Romney won the debate. I felt that next most passionate for the job of President, was former Senator Thompson. Neither of these two men showed a liberal side, either in social matters or in national defense matters.

Fred Thompson absolutely refused to follow the moderators question, to show by raising their hands whether or not "Global Warming" was a man-made crisis. The question was blandly juvenile, in my opinion, and needful of a more full answer.

But that's nurse Ratchet for ya.

Former Arkansas governor Huckabee and the Mayor, Rudy Giuliani relied mostly upon cleaver sound bytes to make their points, and that may only be a result of this debate being mostly for Iowan voters. That is, of itself, telling. Hillary-esque....

The two most conservative candidates, Reps. Tancredo and Hunter, made salient, good points; but for some unknown reason, only generated mildly positive results from the audiences, the ones there, and the ones with the approval dials. Aren't graphs fun? They are like an EKG.

Senator McCain did well with this audience, I thought. He kept emphasizing his legislative and Vietnam-POW records, couched in his answers. This went well with both the assembled audience, and the group with the approval dials.

Representative Ron Paul made comments so out-of-touch with reality, he was mostly irrelevant. Can you say moonbat? Moonbat with alot of money, but this, Iowa's caucus is his highwater mark; make it here or bust. I am betting that after January 3, he busts. And sadly, I predict, so will Mr. Tancredo and Hunter.

The addition of Ambassador Keyes to the debate was eerie, and he showed a side of himself I've never seen before- an agression to pick a fight among the candidates, and too many times coming back to the constitutional line "that all men are created equal". What was that all about?
Mr. Romney won it, I thought; next was Senator Thompson, Giuliani, McCain and Huckabee next, then Hunter and Tancredo, then Paul and Keyes.

The next Republican debate will have only 6 or less candidates.

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Dave said...

I wouldn't be suprised if Romey walked away with the nomination. I think a Romney / Thompson ticket would be a strong one for the GOP.