Friday, December 7, 2007

My heros... have always been SOONERS Military!

In lieu of a real National Championship playoff schedule, for NCAA college football, the Sports Illustrated website,, is holding a solely viewer-based, and viewer vote-based, national championship playoff.

It began on Thursday, with the top 16 BCS ranked teams. Through voting for one team in eight competitions, the teams have now been halved to an elite eight.

In the second round, now and today, Ohio State (#1) is playing #9 West Virginia. And with over 141,000 votes counted, Ohio State leads W.V., 53% to 47%.

In the next matchup, the University of Oklahoma (#4) faces Georgia University (#5), and leads 53% to 47%, 159,500+ votes cast.

Next is the much anticipated LSU- USC matchup: there, #2 LSU is winning over #7 USC, 52% to 48%, with over 173,000 votes cast.

In the remaining Elite 8 game, Virginia Tech, ranked #3, faces #11 Florida, and trails Florida, 68% to 32%, 168,000+ votes cast.

If this trend continues, then Ohio State will next play Oklahoma, and LSU will play Florida, in the 'Final Four', tomorrow, Saturday.

Sure, it is another version of the "Mythical national championship". And a person can spend all day voting for his or her favorite team here. It is unofficial.

Ya don't say....!
Anyway, Go OU!! Beat Ohio State!~

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