Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"PorkChop" in bad taste

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Two days after naming its mascot "PorkChop," the Philadelphia Phillies' new Triple-A baseball affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, abruptly dropped the moniker after receiving complaints from Hispanics that it was offensive.

The IronPigs, whose mascot is a large, furry pig, had selected PorkChop from more than 7,300 fan submissions. The team, which begins play in 2008, announced Monday that the mascot will be named "Ferrous" instead. "We were really unaware of any negative connotations with the word 'pork chop. If it offended a few, it's a few too many."

Guillermo Lopez, vice president of the Latino Leadership Alliance, said he was called "pork chop" when he worked at Bethlehem Steel decades ago. "If my parents were alive, they'd be having fits," said Lopez, among those who complained to the team. "It meant much more to them than it does to Puerto Ricans now in the Lehigh Valley."

1 versus 7,300. Makes sense to me... Arkansas Razorbacks fans reportedly unrepentant.
People named Rusty are organizing a boycott of the new team...

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One Southern Belle said...

Oh my gosh--when I read things like this I'm infuriated. It kind of makes me want to scream.