Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So What's Up with Microsoft? **Updated

[A test post]

Did anyone else who has a Microsoft operating system on their computers, wake up this morning to find that some things had changed?

Today, when I fired up the Windows-To-The-World machine, my Internet browser was reset to the default MS settings. So OK, I thought, I can fix that. And without any hint that something more serious was wrong, I typed my regular homepage into the address window, and went through the procedure to keep it up.

THAT'S WHEN I was dumb-struck: My Windows Vista Home Deluxe homepage is gone, and has been dialed back to Windows XP edition! Where only yesterday, I had a sleek row of convenient buttons on my three-tiered tool bar, now there are no buttons, and only two rows of tool bar. I remember this-- I saw this last year at this time.

And "here is a strange": My clock/calendar on my homepage RESETS to Monday, January 1, at midnight, each time I refresh the page. Crappy New Year! Crappy New Year again!
Crappy Ne -- you get the picture.

I've gotten into the guts of the machine to also learn that no longer do I have Flash Player version 9,0. At all.

Version "7.8". Whut? And maybe this isn't unusual, but I had no emails waiting for me this morning, like normally. Spam, spam, why hast thou forsaken me?

Yes, I've run my expensive Norton Antivirus software. Yes, I've looked online for similar problems being reported. Everything "reports" being OK. I've got some huntin' to do today, instead of what I intended to do.

My phone is also not working. No dial tone. I just checked all the wiring leading into the computer...
That change isn't so bad... unless my next employer is trying to call me up.

So I'm wondering if this is one of those 'alternate universes' they theorize: John Kerry is still the president, right?
[Haha, jus' kidding]

All is now well in the world. I just downloaded Google's iTools again. Presto!~
That was what seemed to be the problem. I don't know where it went, overnight....
My toolbar is back, and whats more, all the friends' blogs I include on my homepage are suddenly updated.

My Yahoo! based email is full again, thank you "AccuQuote", "WebMD", and the "Simon Wiesenthal Center", my daily email spam-dumpload is full again. Thanks for the offers of a lower car insurance rate, more-better testosterone and the alert of recent Antisemetic actions, but no thanks, ya'll gotta go.

Phone still isn't working, but no matter; I've got you, and some dried apricots and banana bread to eat,
I'm good to go. right back where I was yesterday again. Weird.


The Localmalcontent said...

I want to emphasize that I will not eat YOU; only the apricots and banana bread.

Bad punctuation prob lems: again"

Red S Tater said...

that is wild wacky stuff man... these 'puters have a mind of their own sometimes. Check the rubber band and see if it is still tight... or maybe you just got a tank of bad gas.

Apricots and banana bread will do that ya' know.