Monday, December 24, 2007


In Yanush, Oklahoma That Is

#10-- Granpappy Spears goes to the Nursing Home
It was rumored around here for weeks;
Now the slowest thing on the roads are turtles.

# 9-- 28 straight days of rain, May through June
Frogs everywhere in danger of drowning
Annual Forest/grass fire season in jeopardy

# 8-- January ice storm outdone by December OKC-Tulsa ice storm
Effigy of Al Gore already torched, -sorry-
Effigies of Smokey Bear, Barney Fife available for parties, bonfires

# 7-- 15 miles of Oklahoma Highway 2 resurfaced, re-striped in July
New and Improved Passing Lanes added
Area Wrecker Service Reports Increased Income

# 6-- Local boy, 17, Noodles 57-pound catfish in Lake Sardis
Catfish almost Noodles local boy in Lake Sardis
Triumphant Fish fry held same day

# 5-- Water main break causes area to endure 3-stinkin'-days Without Water
Event spun to honor Local Veterans, "Thanks to you, we all bathe freely".

# 4-- Local Malcontent loses job at nearby Indian Casino
"Hell to pay somewhere," gripes Vocal Malcontent

# 3-- Choctaw Festival Days another Huge Success
"So this is what a "Multi-Million Dollar Celebration" is like....?"

# 2-- Bumper Crop of Marijuana Hailed
Californians, Jamaicans calling Local Hippie Farmers, Making Delivery inquiries
A Tight Al Gore effigy Smoked During Marathon Sit-in

# 1-- Longtime State Sen. Gene Stipe Indicted Again, Mental Health Questioned
Stipe autobiography "A Collection of Heroes" cited Main Evidence by US Dist. Atty.
Available at $25.00 per copy, c/o Stipe Law Offices, McAlester, Oklahoma

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Red S Tater said...

Wow, I've never heard of sardis lake before mal,.... I looked at some of the local websites around the lake there and those cabins look pretty inviting.

The better half and I may come down that way next spring... looks beautiful.

I love you top ten news stories btw.