Monday, December 3, 2007

"The Urgency Now is to get That Border Sealed."

Who is the speaker of the above words? Tom Tancredo? Duncan Hunter? Well, could be, but no. Johnny Sutton? George Bush? Gimme a break!!

These are the words of Nawaf Obaid, director of the Saudi National Security Assessment Project. That's right,
Saudi Arabia is building a border fence.

The Saudis are pumping $5 billion into a border fence to keep out illegal immigrants and potential terrorists, with a significant portion going to seal off the Iraqi border. Plans call for a 550-mile fence between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, bolstered by an electronic fence along the Red Sea to separate the Saudi sheiks from Jordan and Yemen.
Again, No, we oil-dependent Westerners are 'pumping' 5 billion into their fence.

As the controversy over U.S. efforts to fence off its border with Mexico continues to percolate, the Saudi fence is getting little media attention.

Security experts say the fence has new urgency in Saudi Arabia amid fears that U.S. peacekeeping efforts in Iraq will fail, resulting in regional chaos and an expansion of terrorism. Reasons everyone can support~! [Offer not good, in San Francisco]

Saudi officials deny such concerns. Of course the Saudis would say this: They are the purveyors of both regional chaos and failure in Iraq. And how about the Pali-Israeli peace talks in Maryland?

"This is not an anti-terrorism project," a top Saudi security official tells Newsmax. "This is an anti-illegal immigration project." The official, who spoke exclusively to Newsmax on condition of anonymity, said Saudi Arabia is second only to the U.S. as a destination for illegal aliens.
Yeah, and especially if they might be carrying Bibles into the kingdom...


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