Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We are now Entering... The Twilight Zone

[Picture if You Will-- a time in the not too distant future; A place right here in America, namely Washington D.C.

The United States is facing a great decision, beit over war elsewhere, or an act of terrorism, here at home, or merely a Congressional defeat of a promised, Presidential plan--

Imagine that the President is having a PMS moment, and her greatest advisor, her nearest confidant has to take over to assist her through the troubled waters...]

[fade to White House Press Briefing Room] "Ladies and Gentlemen, the associate President of the United States."

Hallo, everyone! Man, it's great to be back here, once again! Hello, Helen.. how's that boil on your ass been doing?"

Yeah, it's me again, Bill Clinton. Former and technically, the present-perfect-tense president. Hillary can't come to work today-- female problems, ya know. (Winks) But I'm here and I'm in control for the present time.

Yes, this nightmare is possible, even without the Twilight Zone's Rod Serling.

Hillary Clinton, here in 2007, is running on her "EXPERIENCE". And her campaign slogan is "A New Beginning". A new beginning seems to me to exclude any experience; thus, 'a beginning'.
WHO does she think she is kidding?

Listen: Hillary Clitnon (sorry) Clinton thinks that you are the dumbest, most stupid human on the earth today. To say that hers is a campaign of a New Beginning, only to remind voters of the gay 90s again, and how she will retreat to those days, replete with all the old familiar crooks in her administration, Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton, and all; HOW IS THIS A NEW BEGINNING?
PLEASE REST ASSURED, it wont be that- but a return of Bill Clinton playing the puppet's strings, with Hillary looking as if she's in total charge. Because this woman, despite her 'bill'ing as the world's smartest woman, simply is Not Anywhere Near, the world's smartest woman.

Are all of you ready for a return to the days of a sub-standard, budget-slashed military, as we had in the 1990s?
Are all of you ready for a return to the days of shady crooks in Secretarial positions? Reminescent of Janet Reno, Henry Cisneros, Ron Brown and the most limp Secretary of Defense of the last 65 years, William Cohen? Or the mostly comatose William Perry?

Well, if you expect any difference, any change from that dreadful era, you are a dumbass! For leopards do NOT change their spots-- nor do they recommend nominations for Cabinet Secretaries who are different than what was before, 16 years ago-- A New Beginning, Again, Just Like Before. right...

If she is elected President of the USA, our great nation will become stagnant again, for the next four to eight years. Enough time for our political, our national, our civilizational enemies to regroup and attack us again.

That list includes China, Russia, Communists everywhere, al Qaeda, and all welfare state mentalists everywhere.

And former President Bill- Bubba Clinton, will be so close to the most important office that he'll exert his influence, once again, in clear defiance of the Constitution of the United States....- But whatthehell?? the Constitution has never been an impediment to the Clintons so far.

It will be the ultimate, the consumate rape. The rape of a complete nation. And of our Constitution. By the greatest rapists of this, or any generation.


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