Friday, December 28, 2007

What the Beast Perceives

Am I the only one in the universe who sees a clear similarity between two seemingly, very disparate stories in the news this week?

Really, I'm kind of hesitant to even speak this notion I am having; for it may indicate the need for big guys in white coats to come by here, and an order for Thorazine injections. But here goes:

A tiger in a San Francisco zoo escapes the Tiger pit, killing one teenager, stalking two others over two-hundred yards away, and severely attacking them too.

Much speculation has been made as to how the tiger, "Tatiana", managed to climb a 12 foot wall, and track these men. Other speculation and expert analysis suggests that the tiger was taunted first by these three, and that one man, the late Carlos Souza, Jr., had dangled his legs over into the tiger's territory, irritating the big cat.

In any event, the tiger did escape, did track down these men, and savage them.
Like an animal will do when confronted.

The tiger only acted on instinct to an abnormal change in its' surroundings, feeling threatened and harassed.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benizer Bhutto was assassinated on Thursday, while leaving an election rally in the midst of maybe thousands of cheering followers. She was a threat to both Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, as well as the centuries-old tribal traditions in Northwestern Pakistan, where both the ragtag Taliban and the leadership of al Qaeda are holed up.

She antagonized both, and threatened their territories; she intruded into their space.

The tiger in this case, be it al Qaeda, the Taliban, or Musharraf's henchmen, attacked her once before, but failed then, only killing 150 or so of her followers in October. They tracked her down and got her, ironically in her throat this time, much like a tiger's attack on a teen-aged boy.

I was awestruck by the similar televised scenes of firemen in the two cities of attacks, washing away blood.

The similarities which I see, may not end there: For there may be a need for higher walls, larger buffer zones between the animals and the civilized.


Abouna said...

You know what? I think you have something there, so don't let the men in white coats in and keep away from the Thorazine.

You certainly opened my eyes on these similarities.

Happy New Year!

The Localmalcontent said...

Honest, Abouna, ever since I watched the two events, one on Christmas day, and then Bhutto's murder on Thursday morning, I've had a gnawing feeling that in some way, the two matters were just alike.

Thank you for the Christmas card!!
That was another big surprise, a pleasant one! Happy New Year to you as well, Father.