Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dammit- I'm inevitable! Don't these Iowans know that?!?

No one in Shrillary's campaign staff will dare tell her this:
70+% of Democrats in Iowa didn't vote for her.

She spent so much time in Iowa. She bribed her own mother and her own daughter to come there, and silently stand next to her on a stage. George Soros dropped about 20 million dollars in the state for her. Ruth Buzzi beat some old men up for her. She endured their corn-pone, their calorie laden pies and cakes and pancakes and sausages. Cretians. Yokels.

She talked about change. She talked about the Vietnam war. She talked about cradle to grave health care. She promoted government financed pre-pre-preschool for toddlers.

Shrillary Clinton bad mouthed President Bush. She pointed out how everything from Iraq to the Writer's strike was Bush's fault. Colder in Iowa this winter? Ring around the collar? High gasoline prices? Bhutto's assassination? Bush's fault.

And only 29% of Democrats swallowed it. Twenty-nine percent. 67,280 of the estimated 232,000 Democratic caucus attendees.

That means that 164,720 people in Iowa will surely be audited by the IRS next year. That means that Bill Clinton will be beaten with another lamp tonight. Swweeeet~!

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Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

re "164,720 people in Iowa will surely be audited by the IRS next year": and they'll consider themselves lucky they survived and didn't get vince-fostered or ron-browned...


The Localmalcontent said...

That is just hilarious, Hatless!
If it weren't so accurate....