Sunday, January 13, 2008

From the Folks Who Created Grave-Robbing, This:

lovingly lifted from the The Sunday Telegraph:

Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind a move to allow hospitals to take organs from dead patients without explicit consent.

Writing in the Telegraph, the Prime Minister says that such a facility would save thousands of lives and that he hopes such a system can start this year. The proposals would mean consent for organ donation after death would be automatically presumed, unless individuals had opted out of the national register or family members objected.

While the ultimate benefits are laudable, saving lives with organs unneeded any longer by their former owners, the idea that the government once again is taking from you, without asking, bothers the hell out of me.
The thought of my organs as a "gift" to someone after my death is a noble one, while the harvest of same by dictate of government offends me.

It admits to a possible "conflict of interest" between medical staff, trying to save lives and those keen to ensure every possible organ is harvested.

The following aspect of Great Britain's plan, idea, scheme, plot seems most disturbing of all:

The Government will launch an overhaul of the system next week, which will put pressure on doctors and nurses to identify more "potential organ donors" from dying patients. Hospitals will be rated for the number of deceased patients they "convert" into donors and doctors will be expected to identify potential donors earlier and alert donor co-ordinators as patients approach death.

As I say, the ultimate benefits are commendable, but there are other unforeseen problems which the Prime Minister has not taken into account: Muslims, the fastest growing minority of Brits, do not allow desecration of the dead, even preservation by way of formaldehyde. Or beeswax.
Secondly, this approach causes the patently squeamish to opt out of the donation plan, thus making them villainous and greedy. Choosing not nobility, but regarded by the remaining living as evil, selfish conservatives at the end of life, and afterward.

Does, or will this step open up the way to euthanasia, the way that embryonic stem-cell research has abortion?
(Yes, by the way, the Local Malcontent IS an organ donor.)


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

do you suppose gordon was inspired by monty python's "so... can we have your liver" skit?


The Localmalcontent said...

Scary, indeed!

For I am entitled to your liver or your kidney, Hatless, should you die... just aske ye Government, gov'ner!

Instead of 'your gift', it is my "right".