Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The "Get Offa My Lawn" Party Gaining in Support, Popularity

lovingly lifted from The McGehee Zone outta good red-neck country, Coweta county, Georgia:

Hatless provides the Party Logo. And the all wise Dustbury agrees.

My advice? Read Chairman McGehee's statement, our party's planks, and decide for yourself, at the link above.

The new GOML party sure beats the heck out of the current pansies in the Republican (formerly the conservative) Party. I donated some $350.00 to two candidates I supported before they shriveled up and withdrew from the race--

and now I am supporting a political party which will stand up to the media drivel, unafraid to say what the members mean... Get Off My Lawn!! with your insipid, tired, timeless platitudes!

About Time, I said to Mr. McGehee, and I meant it then, and Now!

I strongly urge all the dismayed, disillusioned conservatives, formerly of the Republican party, to check out YOUR "Get Offa My Lawn" party! Search out this good man's blogsite for more information.

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