Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good News! Illegal Border Crossings, Violence by Mexico's Military/Police Increasing!

lovingly lifted from Michelle Malkin's Website

We interrupt the campaign season for a border reality check

Thanks to a FOIA request by Judicial Watch, you can now get a clearer picture of the continued chaos at our southern border. These violations of American sovereignty have been going on for years. DHS Secretary Michael "Lettucehead" Chertoff’s response? Nada.

The information released to Judicial Watch adds new info. Bottom line: For fiscal year 2006 alone, there were 29 confirmed incidents along the U.S.- Mexican border involving Mexican military and/or law enforcement personnel, 17 of which involved armed Mexican government agents. Moreover, between 1996 and September 30, 2006, there were 253 confirmed incursions into the United States by Mexican government personnel.

The full report is here (PDF).

Perhaps the field of "leading" presidential candidates should be asked about this dangerous anarchy....

On a related note, the Weekly Standard highlights a new campaign to get presidential candidates to pledge to build the fence that was already signed into law by President Bush, but just keeps shrinking by the day.

I’m all for pledges made by honest politicians who mean what they say. But when open-borders drag queens puff up their chests and tell me they’ll secure the borders, you’ll pardon me for refusing to suspend my disbelief.

Aah, but we already have a GOP candidate who has a definite answer!! First, however, let's read more about our Southwest Border Mess from the Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Paul Schneider:

"This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit several of our facilities on the southwest border and meet many of our people who operate on the front line.

In San Diego I met with the Border Patrol and inspected the double fencing we have in the San Diego area and was briefed on the violence that criminals trying to get into this country carry out at the border. This does not get a lot of press coverage in the Washington DC area, but make no mistake about it, this is a combat zone at the border and our men and women deal with an enemy who uses coordinated command and control, modern communications technology and distributed approaches with violence to enter this country illegally. I had the opportunity to visit "Smugglers Gulch" around sunset and saw people across the border assembling at various staging areas for what would most likely be an attempt to cross at night."

Now, for the CLEAR answer to our dangerous Border mess:

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