Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hall of Fame Invites Only One this Year, "Goose"

The "Goose" is on the loose in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Rich "Goose" Gossage, who may be best known for his first tour with the Yankees (1978-83), was elected on Tuesday in his ninth year on the ballot. He'll join his former Padres manager, Dick Williams, on the stage behind the Clark Sports Center this coming summer.

Two years ago, Gossage was feeling a little peeved when another relief pitcher, Bruce Sutter, was given the invite into the Hall

In a Time magazine article from then, Gossage complained "It's not that they're better," Gossage says of today's players. "Do what we did, then compare who was the best. Barry Bonds stands up there. When's the last time Barry Bonds was knocked on his ass? Never... The owners can save millions of dollars--take the pitcher off the mound and put up a tee. 'Cause what they're playing is tee ball. They pitch around him. If I was going to pitch around him, I would have saved three pitches and just put one in his rib cage. You want to go to first? We'll do it easy."

Or when the widow of Padres owner Ray Kroc, Joan banned beer in the Padres' clubhouse, Gossage famously remarked, "She is poisoning the world with her hamburgers, and we can't even get a lousy beer in here."

Career Totals: 124 Wins, 107 Losses; Lifetime E.R.A.: 3.01;
The Goose started 37 games and had 16 complete games (all in his first 5 years with the Chicago White Sox), with 310 Saves.
Over 23 seasons, (1972-1994), Gossage worked 1,809.1 innings in 1,002 games; giving up 1497 hits, 119 home runs, 732 walks, striking out 1,502, for his teams, Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers, Oakland A's, and Seattle Mariners.

**And BTW, Barry Bonds was beaned on the ass, or elsewhere, 106 times in his career.

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Red S Tater said...

ahhh the Goose!

In the mid 90's I coached varsity HS girls fastpitch softball up in Colorado Cherry Creek School district and we had a pitcher that threw in the low 60mph range (which from only 40feet is flaming) and an opposing coach once asked me if I was starting "Goose" in the game that day. He didn't know her name but knew what she could do.
It stuck, and to this day, 12 years later... my now 27 year old daughter and her friends still call her "Goose".

Thanks mal, for bringing that up, I hadn't thought of her in quite a while.