Sunday, January 20, 2008

Honest to Goodness Journal Entry- Of a Great Weekend

Great thanks to Brad and Rhea C., of Arlington, Texas for a terrific weekend visit!

Dog and I journeyed to Big D for the weekend to see old friends at their invitation, mostly just to get away, toss about some resumes and take in the NFC championship game between Dallas and Green Bay....
whoops! Who knew the New York Giants would pull off the big upset last weekend? LOL

Brad and I worked together for the Bureau of Indian Affairs briefly 8 years ago, at the Regional Southern Plains office there. Brad ( a F/B Kiowa) still is with the BIA--
I am not with anyone. LOL

We (Amos and I, but also the "Royal we") had a great time away from politics, blogging, crazy Wanda... and all. Amos was a perfect gentleman, not roughing up Rhea's little dog, Champ, in their backyard, digging only one big hole to prove he'd been there. We three went out to eat at a very nice restaurant called "Robinsons" Friday night, and that event provided the funniest moment of the weekend.

After Brad and I demolished generous 3 or 4 helpings of catfish, fries and coleslaw, Rhea commented, "Oh! That reminds me- we need to go get more groceries tomorrow." Hahaha!

Yesterday afternoon, Brad and I went to a Carrollton, Texas firing range, where I got to try firing (his) my very first Glock 9 handgun.
I. Am. In. Love! Only a negligible recoil when fired, and fit very well in my hand. I had held a Glock before, but was kinda put off by its lightweight plastic body material, the fact that it is a foreigner. But that was an error, I have learned now. There was no stinging in my hand after firing it, as I expected. A very impressive handgun~!

And to make up for the absent Dallas Cowboys, Brad and I took in the Dallas Mavericks- Seattle Sonics basketball game last night. The game was OK, my first NBA game ever, and the Mavs won, but I'm just not into basketball that much, unlike Bradley. But I played the part, whooping it up for the Mavs, who won 111-96, I think.
I did spot Sir Charles Barkley at the event-- I knew him.

Rhea made me feel right at home, and so welcome in her beautiful home! She is a model hostess. She laundered the clothes I'd worn driving down there! She let me check my email yesterday from her laptop. Her guest bedroom (a nursery room someday!?) bed-and-bath, complete with kitchen left-overs privileges were touching! I treated them to brunch this morning at the Omni Hotel, which continues to claim the top spot in elegance and deliciousness, in my opinion.

We parted company just before noon today, with promises to visit each other more often. They both are very kind, considerate and friendly folk.

Then after all that, it was good to turn down my little road toward home, still.
Two things noticed here, too: I'd never noticed before how much my living room smells of burning Hickory wood; and I never fully appreciated the long, late afternoon, blinking shadows of trees and limbs as much before, driving up my Highway 2.


Now after a quick Internet-ial examination, it seems that quite a bit happened in my absence. Primarily, Duncan Hunter called it quits yesterday; Hillary pulled off an 'upset' in Nevada, cheating alleged; and John McShamnesty won in South Carolina. Actress Suzanne Pleshette died at age 70, lung cancer.

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