Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'll be right back, after this word with Our Sponsor

It may be awhile, until I can post something serious and relevant here again. Sorry.

I'll hurry back as soon as I can.

Life here just got very twisted, very surreal in my NDN 'hood. Trouble in my micro-world, and I will be in the middle. This needs attention, maybe legal attention. Delicate attention mostly.
I may comment on it aplenty over at Krazy Talk from Krazy Town, if you want to keep score. As I try to keep my ragged sanity.

But, bye for just now.

Resolved! In just over a day! Goodnight!
Here is a snapshot of us all in North America, taken just at Midnight, CST,
centered over my house.

taken from, where anyone can dial up a satellite pic.
this one is from the XM-Rock sat.

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