Saturday, January 5, 2008

In Loving Memory of Amina and Sarah Said

Update: The Archer of Iran, Kamangir has a short post regarding the INABILITY of Persian police to intervene at all, when a woman is killed by relatives. The police in Tehran are able to invade a home to dismantle a sattelite dish, or arrest a man who drinks a beer, but this obscene murder privilege is "culturally" ignored.

Email to the Local Malcontent today, from The United American Committee:

We were outraged this morning, along with most other Americans after hearing about the honor killings of two young girls which occurred in Texas this past week. Outrage does not begin to describe the emotions felt when one hears of this disgusting ancient Islamic practice that took place right here within our own borders, taking the lives of these two beautiful children.

We ask all members of the United American Committee to take action after reading about this outrageous, barbaric, and disgusting event by contacting mosques, Islamic centers, and Islamic groups to express your outrage at their silence and at their unwillingness to press for the reform of their ideology to bring them into the 21st century.

Sisters Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18, both students Lewisville High School near Dallas, were found dead on Tuesday night riddled with bullets after being shot by their father after he threatened to kill them because they began to date boys and associate with non-Muslims. These girls who just wanted to live a normal life as American high school students, were slaughtered as honor killings, a practice perfectly acceptable under Islamic law.
Yaser Abdel Said, the WORTHLESS CHICKENSHIT father and COWARDLY murderer, still remains on the loose.
This is acting proudly in Islam? Scared, cowardly, sniveling worthless creep. Kill. Him!

You can use the following Islamic resource to find a local mosque or Islamic center to express your outrage. Be prepared to receive less than honest responses. Use their resource and enter your zip code. It is important that we keep the pressure up and let them know that such ancient barbaric ideologies within their beliefs such as honor killings will not be tolerated in the West, and that they must act to reform their beliefs or else they are not welcome here.

From The Fort Worth Star-Telegram this: "...Told A Friend that Her Father would Kill Her if He found Out!"

More on this tragedy, this abomination at CBS11, Dallas/Ft. Worth.

These two young and stunning pretty girls are dead today, thanks to ISLAM,
the F***ed-Upped "Religion of Peace and Tolerance".

Your LMC does not use language like this often, and ONLY when it is deserved!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so pleased that the Islamic prophet,
the liar and pedophile, Mohammed,
piss be up0n him.
today lives in Hell for eternity.

Lewisville, Texas. Home of "The Farmers" athletic teams at LHS. Only 125 miles from here.
My God, how can this obscenity happen here?

Lewisville, Texas, temporary home to the Local Malcontent for eight months, 1999-2000.


Anonymous said...

Amen Brother! From an 18 Year resident of Lewisville.

You said, "WORTHLESS CHICKENSHIT father and COWARDLY murderer, Scared, cowardly, sniveling ... worthless creep."

This is an insult to all true "WORTHLESS CHICKENSHIT father and COWARDLY murderer, Scared, cowardly, sniveling ... worthless creeps," in the world. This pathetic excuse is a waste of oxygen. He must and WILL be caught.


The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you so much, TexasKid747.

Your angry comments here are entirly understandable, friend.

I am presuming that you were friends with either Sarah or Amina?

either way, bless you, young man;
I remember the great, the fine young men I knew there in Lewisville, 8 years ago, as some of the toughest, hardest young men I've run across;
to hear you mourn these deaths, and your rage against their less-than-chickenshit-dad is very heartwarming.

You are a friend and ally of the Choctaw always, TexasKid747.

Abouna said...

I am all for Freedom of Religion, but the more I read and hear of Islam, I believe that it should be banned world wide. This is not a religion, is total bull shit. It would be rather interesting to hear how the ACLU would defend this despicable bastard's actions toward his daughters.

I'm sorry, I do not have any respect for Islam at all, and I doubt I ever will. Piss on the Koran.

The Localmalcontent said...

Exactly, Abouna. If there was ever a book which should be banned, burned, forgotten, it is the Koran.

Hasna said...

I understand your anger for this horrific act. But you are wrong about when you say Islam allows this is totally against Islam. If you guys actually educate yourselves and find out about Islam you would know. This story has really made me sad about these poor girls lives taken away but you dont blame Islam. How come when a Muslim does something wrong it always falls under their religion but when christians and other non muslim belivers drown there children, throw them garbage bags and cook them in microwaves thats totally fine? Stop being so narrow minded people. Its not Islam it was the father who was a phsyco and 100% wrong for doing this. I hope he is brought to justice and is punished this act is barbaric and not the way of Islam. Please people lets all come together and not blame religion for this this is why our world is where it is today. I offer my condolences to the family and pray that they find Yaser Said.

Anonymous said...

WHy you guys blaming Islam for this. You all know its not the religion.

People get an education we live in 21st century.

what happened to these girls is horrific but religion of Islam has nothing to do with it. Islam condems this. Our religon does not teach people to kill its a peaceful religion.

The Localmalcontent said...

These dismissals by hasna and anonymous are too easy, because they fail to take into account important evidence.
In some areas, honor killing is assumed to be an Islamic practice. There is evidence that Islamic culture inculcates attitudes that could lead directly to the murders of these two girls in Texas.

The Yemen Times just last week published an article insisting that violence against women is necessary for the stability of the family and the society, and invoking Islam to support this view.

Sure, the Qur’an or Islamic tradition does not specifically sanction honor killing. but it IS a feature of Islamic culture in some areas. Aqsa Parvez was sixteen years old; her father, Muhammad has been charged with strangling her to death because she refused to wear the hijab.

And well, there's all that other Islamic travesties of humanity, of which the Religion of Peace is responsible soley and directly.

Abouna said...

You are absolutely right in your response to hasna. How this individual can say that Islam forbids these and other horrendous acts, when the Koran very plainly states that it is perfectly legal to kill non-believers and to lie to non-believers if it will further Islam is beyond me.

their very Imams and religious leaders teach this garbage. Religion of peace my ass.

Anonymous said...

What about the Ku Klux Klan who burnt people alive, destroyed towns, villages, men, women and children and used the burning crucifix as their symbol? Should we call Christianity a barbaric religion? I don't think so. I don't think its fair to blame any religion for the deaths of thousands of people world wide. May those beautiful angels rest in peace. Their killer will be brought to justice not only here, but he will rot in hell...

The Localmalcontent said...

What about them, the KKK, Anonymous?

This post was not about the KKK.

But if you are trying to somehow justify a father murdering his two daughters with a lame comparasion to another disgraceful, disgusting bunch,

But again, this post was only about Amina and Sarah Said.
Learn to read for comprehension...

TexasKid747 said...

Wow. I've returned to your blog after almost two years. Although it has been a long time and the grieving has subsided for me, reading this blog, or hearing news stories brings the angst back once again. I did not know the girls, they were 1-2 years older than my oldest daughter who attends the same school.

The responders to this blog, Hasna and Anon, are off base, way off base. Either they are in denial about their religion or are intentionally trying to mask this despicable trait in their religion, I do not know which. They may not even be Muslim but their defense of it would seem to indicate that practice. My point would be that if it is really a peaceful religion, then why haven’t those that practice it in Peace spoken up with the loudest voices against the Radicals amongst them? If they are the meek that shall inherit the earth, they won’t have it for very long. It is only after the return of Christ that the meek with inherit, and be allowed to "keep", the earth. In the meantime, if these various Muslims that keep claiming its peacefulness would rise up against the Radicals, I’d feel MUCH safer about accepting Islam as a neighbor.

The bottom line must be based on FACT: Whether it is supported by the Koran, or by the “old school” generations that practice it I do knot know. But the fact is that it does occur, frequently, in other parts of the world. That it has happened in my Red-Blooded American and Texas town is UNACCEPTABLE. You want to practice that idiotic crap? Go to some hell hole on earth that is a long way from here. Do it here and you can expect to run like the slug Said is. If you’ll notice, he is gone, probably out of this country and may never face justice in America. God will deal with him in due time, so long as he stays away from here, and I am ok with that. If he comes back here, God won’t have to wait as long.

I have no problem with other religions that are respectful of individuals and of other peoples, in and out of their beliefs. I have zero tolerance for the Muslims that follow the practice of jihad and killing the infidels. We don’t see many riots in the streets of France based on other religions.

I’m not going to live forever and there is life after this one. So if you want to try that uprising here then bring it on. Your pathetic lives with be dealt with and the best part is, you’ll always receive what you deserve. The choice is yours but the reward at the end result is not what you think it is.

May God watch over The Local Malcontent, and all others that believe in the Good.