Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Lasting Legacy of Monica's Blue Dress

The 10-year Anniversary of the Blue Dress Stain - Monica Lewinsky Scandal Turns Ten Today:
Will Media Notice?

Newsbusters has the Anniversary Announcement.

That long ago?! Seems like only yesterday.

And yet, Democrats today salivate over the potential election of a woman to the presidency, to whom they feel a compassion for being a jilted wife.
After all, she's been completely "vetted".

Yes, Democratic voters may feel that they owe Mrs. SlickWillie Clinton their support for her husband's dalliances, for it was they who put him there in the Oval Office in the first place. "Let us assuage our consciences, by electing her too," they could say with some irrationalization.

What else besides her husband's sex affair with Monica, prepares her for the world's highest office?

Claiming the mantle of the Feminine movement, Mrs. Slickwillie Clinton hails the singular accomplishments of women here in the United States, yet has arrived where she is today exclusively by riding Slick's coattails in both Little Rock and in Washington, D.C.

Her bellowing claims of supporting the children, and education in Arkansas are hollow at best, to anyone who bothers to check the record of the Arkansas Clinton governance. I live close enough to Arkansas to hear and to know firsthand, that 'education' is still a joke there, up to 48th place during the Clinton regime, from 50th place.

That is a claim to stand by, to run on now?

Both of these people are the sleaziest, most ego-maniacal, self-centered human beings I've ever heard about. (Their spawn Chelsea will be no different, when she runs for President in 16 or in 20 years.) But for way too long, it has been their skills at nuance, at fact massaging, at plausible deniability, that has kept the suckling national news media from fully examining these snake oil salespeople.

Have we Americans even finally defined, what the 'definition of Is is' yet??

I find it genuinely appalling, that Democrats in this country, can endorse a woman
supported by an impeached former President, her faithful husband...
when anyone with a clue can expect that the real devious mind behind
the bumbling Slickwillie back then, ready to mop up the messes
not-deposited-on-someones-clothing, and skilled enough to turn that embarrassment
into a Presidential campaign of her own, is other than the little woman,
the wife, Mrs. Slickwillie Clinton.
Is is, is she maybe the least experienced candidate, considering?
And do the American people owe a deep debt of thanks to Monica Lewinsky, for her service to our country, in showing us all what kind of trash these Clintons are?


Abouna said...

Isn't it amazing, the kind of mesmerizing effect these two morally bankrupt individuals have over a large part of the population? Like one politico said last year: "All politicians lie, but the Clinton's do it with such ease and frequency that it is frightening."

Bill was a great musician, he played the whore-monica. Bill kept Monica under the desk while he was in the Oval Office, so I wonder who Hillary will keep under her desk in the Oval Office if she wins, especially when she sends Bill around the world to handle "Foreign Affairs".

The Localmalcontent said...

I am far more amazed at the 'large part of the population' part of your comment, Abouna.

But yeah, the Clinton legacy is nothing more than the sleazy slip in intimate conduct considered normal and average these days among teenagers, others now.

Causing me to wonder, does America owe Monica Lewinsky a debt of thanks?