Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lessons Learned Through Now-

I Am Child Of Matches in the Night, and Of Rain

So What Has Life Taught Me, Through My 38 years?

My 38th year ends tomorrow at 2:38 pm, Central Standard Time... just past Choctaw Standard Lunch Time.

Life has taught me that She is Hard boiled, Severe and mostly Unforgiving if I'm reluctant to accept her challenges, and that I cannot expect anyone to live up to the high standards that I've set for myself, standards set by my paternal Choctaw grandfather in me.
I guess that I'm some kind of local "Malcontent", that way...
Why I am not just another run-of-the-mill Democrat is simply way beyond me.

I have always done my very best to be reliable, as-dependable-as-a-clock, and true to my word, more honest than the most honest person I know. My word has meant more to me being done, accomplished, kept, than your word. I have stayed true to my non-white, Choctaw heritage, I have stayed true to my red-skinned and red-blooded America-loving beliefs. How else could you explain my love of the stinking St. Louis Cardinals, or the Sooners?

As Bilbo Baggins once said, on the occasion of his 111th birthday, and I sincerely concur,
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like,
and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Wise words these days.

I read and follow my Bible, daily, and I attend my First United Methodist Church as I was taught early in life. I dedicate my life to the service of Jesus Christ, and to widows and orphans, and to those addicted by either drugs or gambling. To solid conservative principles.

I eat fewer fried dishes, to preserve my temple (cannot seem to give up fried okra or chicken though); I drink gallons of water a day; I've given up beer, mostly, for tomato and apple juices; I ride my blue, 10-speed bicycle down to the Sardis Lake Landing road and then back up this hill twice a week (6 miles), now that I am on this diet... whatever is considered right, proper and correct these days. And I'm down to 232 pounds, with 40 to go!

Staying a part of the infrequent Choctaw pow-wows has never been a problem for me, since there is always great, great fellowship and great frybread to enjoy there. I learn more of, and try to speak my second language as much as I can, as often as I can, to whom I can.
I regard, nod and say hello to every Crow, to every Coyote I see or I hear, either in the early morning light, or late, late at night. Buffalo, of course you too.

I don't fill my mind or my heart with pornography filth, or CNN. Talking with my best friend Amos, my chickens, my scrub Oak and Cedar trees is enough for me to keep centered on mother Earth, her blessings and love for us, as well as her needs from us.

I strived to have chosen well, the things most Important in Life, for my life; to have chosen well from the many vices and distractions available, to season my life; the music my ears hear, and the sights my eyes see. I cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze.

I still await the right love to find me finally; sorry,
goodbye OneSouthernBelle and others, goodbye to Vivian mainly...

I try especially hard to remember all the right lessons I've been shown, been taught.
... That there are no more Daffy Duck Days of Irresponsibility.

Keh-k`eho Ehh Chahta. "Forgive me, I'm Choctaw."
-- Posted by Yannush Okpulho Taha, a.k.a. the Local Malcontent


Old Grinning Bear said...

Poway Brother, poway. by your friend

Jon Seymour said...

G'day dude,

Don't really know what to say other than Happy Birthday. I don't pretend to be able to offer advice about how to deal with the female ghosts from your past, other than to attempt to make peace with them. Here's hoping that we can both do that in the next year.

Ciao for now,


The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you Jon! And thank you for coming by and adding your greeting!

This will sound sappy and maudlin, but I feel so fortunate to have Stumbled onto your blog two years ago now.

While I have the age thing going, of the two of us, you have the class thing going.
And someday, I intend to visit Sydney, and look you up mate!
(non threatening) LOL! thank you.

The Localmalcontent said...

Old Grinning Bear, do we know each other? Thank you either way for your kind wishes!

Too much poway last night... maybe, it seems.

Jesscia James said...

I have always done my very best to be reliable, as-dependable-as-a-clock, and true to my word, more honest than the most honest person I know.