Monday, January 21, 2008

No More Mr. Nice Guy (after 12 more months)

Today marks the first day of President Bush's last year. Only 366 more days to go, and what has been a mildly disastrous presidency for conservatives will be over.

What made it a disaster is that George Bush is not a conservative at all: The size of the Federal government is what twice, three times as large as it was in 2000, we have no sense of security against terrorism, such as a border fence, and there is a war in Iraq that did not need to be.

What made his disaster "mild", was that President Bush did nominate two conservatives to the Supremos, and he managed to get passed a tax cut which has had legs so far, and also kept the Democrat-led Congress at bay. But even giving him that credit, forces one to remember that the Republicans lost both houses of Congress in 2004, due to his lack of leadership in the office, his failure to inspire the Senate and House leaders before then.

Now Mr. Bush enters his official "lame duck" period, where hopefully, he will keep quiet; get Jenna married off, visit Jerusalem again, take in the Beijing Olympics maybe... just don't make waves that the remaining ragged Republicans cannot smooth over.
That job will be tough enough without your input, sir.

No one can deny that George W. Bush is a nice guy. Even Cindy Sheehan said that about him, when they first met. But what America needed was not a nice guy as President, but a cunning man. And NO, not cunning as in 'cut-throat', like Bill Clinton is. But Bush should never have stated, or naively expected the Democrat minority in Congress to work with him on anything- being cunning however might have gotten some real conservative agenda items accomplished; Bush should have worked with Saddam Hussein as a fulcrum in the Middle East, laying intense, unbearable pressure on the theocracy in Iran. And he should have begun the military tribunals for the Guantanamo inmates already, with some executions to go along.

I will remember the presidency of George Bush as one when the people of America found it's voice- when the Dubai Ports deal was about to go through, without Congressional approval or oversight; the two rounds of illegal immigrant-amnesty bills; or stem cell research and partial birth abortion legislation ALL provided the American voice to finally be heard in Washington, D.C.

It's a voice that I hope we will use over and over again! So for enraging us enough to become that vocal, thank you Mr. Bush.

Mr. Bush never had the support of the press, but he made the best of the press coverage he did get, I think.
I wonder if he will have any support from the historians' coverage one year from today.

"George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States-- nice guy."

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