Thursday, January 3, 2008

OK, First Time I've been Wrong in 2008

Seems that I need to clarify that which I meant in the LMC post called "Scoreboard Watching" yesterday:

I associated the observed few supporters for Duncan Hunter in today's Iowa caucii to the over-matched Hawai'i Warriors football team in the Sugar Bowl. I suggested that, seeing only around 3-5% support among the good people of Iowa, Duncan Hunter may bow out of the presidential race.
May. MAY bow out. I did make one obvious mistake, in yesterday's bloggie post: I mistook 4th down and 15 to be late in the game... that was wrong, that was my pessimistic side coming through. This is early in the first quarter; why, the game is just now afoot.

Still, the mighty Hawai'i Warriors football team, first hand witnesses! to their reality check- loss to Georgia, never did walk off the field with time remaining on the clock, or forfeit the game to the Dawgs.

Neither will my candidate for US President, Duncan Hunter.
Despite not campaigning in Iowa, despite not being the media darling of either CNN or FOX News, and despite being the only conserative candidate who has not been smeared by fellow Republicans, Representative Duncan Hunter has support in a state with a screwy coffee-and-pie presidential selection process.

In fact, Hunter has focused his time and effort in states such as Nevada, Wyoming, South Carolina, Florida and yeah, even New Hampshire. And in Texas, where his endorsement and popularity are leading the other Republican candidates.
Oh, and there's that tiny state of California, too, coming up...

JANUARY - 13 primary elections in 7 states:
Jan. 3 Iowa (caucus) - R & D, coffee and pie
Jan. 5 Wyoming - R only Jan. 8 New Hamshire - R & D
Jan. 15 Michigan - R & D
Jan. 19 Nevada - R & D
Jan. 19 South Carolina - R only
Jan. 26 South Carolina - D only
Jan. 29 Florida - R & D

FEBRUARY - 57 primary elections in 30 states:
Feb. 1: Maine - R only
Feb. 5: Alabama - R & D
Feb. 5: Alaska - R & D
Feb. 5: Arizona - R & D
Feb. 5: Arkansas - R & D
Feb. 5: California - R & D
Feb. 5: Colorado - R & D
Feb. 5: Connecticut - R & D
Feb. 5: Deleware - R & D
Feb. 5: Georgia - R & D
Feb. 5: Idaho - D only
Feb. 5: Illinois - R & D
Feb. 5: Kansas - D only
Feb. 5: Massachusetts - R & D
Feb. 5: Minnesota - R & D
Feb. 5: Missouri - R & D
Feb. 5: New Jersey - R & D
Feb. 5: New Mexico - D only
Feb. 5: New York - R & D
Feb. 5: North Dakota - R & D
Feb. 5: Oklahoma - R & D
Feb. 5: Tennessee - R & D
Feb. 5: Utah - R & D
Feb. 9: Kansas - R only
Feb. 9: Louisiana - R & D
Feb. 10: Maine - D only
Feb. 12: D.C. - R & D
Feb. 12: Maryland - R & D
Feb. 12: Virginia - R & D
Feb. 19: Hawai'i - D only
Feb. 19: Washington - R & D
Feb. 19: Wisconsin - R & D

MARCH - 11 primary elections in 6 states:
Mar. 4: Ohio - R & D
Mar. 4: Rhode Island - R & D
Mar. 4: Texas - R & D
Mar. 4: Vermont - R & D
Mar. 8: Wyoming - D only
Mar. 11: Mississippi - R & D

APRIL - 2 primary elections in 1state:
Apr. 22: Pennsylvania - R & D

Maybe the association with a football game wasn't the best sports analogy to compare Hunter with: Who has ever watched a thoroghbred horse race, betting on a certain horse to win, only to see the steed come out slowly at the gates? Some other horse sprints out to a lead, only to burn out, only to be caught, as he rounds the 1/8 poll-- Watch that fast horse fade, as the horse you bet upon streaks to the lead in the stretch!!

The Iowa caucus tonight is still " a lame-brained, ill-conceived" plan for selecting a presidential candidate. If the pie being served at the Romney or McCain rally is not your favorite, or the coffee is watered down, that could change a person's mind about the most important leadership role in the world.


The real deal, Mr. Duncan Hunter, will start to pull into the middle of the pack, then take the lead in the primaries held in the several states. The very same way that an exciting horse race should be.

Go Hunter 08


Red S Tater said...

Your amazing my friend. wow, I just met with the Oklahoma Duncan Hunter campaign coordinator yesterday.

email me your address and I will send you some bumper stickers and literature if you like... and a rare official Duncan Hunter button (i only got 4)

In our meeting, I learned for certain that HUNTER IS NOT DROPPING OUT you are correct. (unless something drastic happens of course) There is a plan and it is a good one considering the finances, the others are faltering and he will wait them out. (I will tell the details by email)
God Bless you my brother... your post really made me smile!

Kalla said...

I am with you on all your analogies. They made me smile too. This is my second visit to your site.
I will be back.

I have 1 bumper sticker gained by donating to Duncan Hunter's campaign December 2007. Wish I had more.


The Localmalcontent said...

Welcome anytime, Kalla.
I am envious of that bumpersticker of yours.
Hey Red...!