Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On "Understanding" in the Blogosphere

At the very real danger and risk of alienating myself to the Creator
of Oklahoma Bloggers, LLC, my friend Mike, over in Little Axe, Ok,
I must disagree with his blog
OKIEDOKE's negative post today, accusing Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe of being a "Flip-Flopper".

Risk, involving the predictable consequenses Demcrats usually respond with: Banishment, since I have the nerve to disagree with one of them in a position of authority. Hostility, that someone dares to disagree with them.

I did not join this merry band of Oklahoma Bloggers to be "popular" with them, or with anyone.
Indeed, while I've made many new friends within Oklahoma as a result of our Blogging Brotherhood, I have never, never thought that I must consider what I write here on my blog, The Local Malcontent, whether or not it will be popularily accepted.

Most haven't, in fact!! And allow me to add here quickly, so far Okiedoke Mike has neither banned me, nor deleted any of my comments, contrary to his at his blog, nor attacked me.
I really like Mike regardless of his political stripe.
I am not holding my breath however, over ever being awarded a prize for my blog either from Oklahoma Bloggers.

UN-like many American Democratic Liberals or Australian Labors (not naming names here), I would never look down upon, nor bash anyone for simply having a differing opinion from mine. Hinting at the DailyKos crowd, pointing a finger at MediaMatters too. That ilk. The only people whom I really disdane, in truth and simplistically, are Chicago Cubs fans, and for one week every October, Texas Longhorn fans (Taco meat).

And, as my Sunday bloggie post, relishing my racial heritage and AIROS may have indicated, I have opinions and points of view which are not even wholly accepted by either Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives, or even white folks.


This is not the "The Local Malcontent's Acceptable, Approved Views" Blog.

If a blogger attacks MY Senator on his views on the topic of Global Warming, or if a blogger endorses a candidate whom I cannot stand, SO THE-HELL WHAT? Will that mean that the blogger and the reader/commenter cannot otherwise be friends, cannot otherwise treat each other with respect and kindness?

Overall, what I am trying to say here, is this: When some friend, who is a blogger has an opinion contrary to your own, express your disagreement in a friendly way, without thought of retaliation, all the while understanding their God-given right to express their opinions, AaaND without insisting upon, or demanding a justification of the opposing opinion!

Chicago Cub and saxeT Longhorn fan opinions notwithstanding.


Okiedoke said...

Mal, if it was up to me, you'd win a Best Nice Guy Okie Blog Award.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you Mike, that's nice of you!