Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Papoon for President!! He's Not Insane

Who's Left? Who's Right? Who's Remaining?

What a nomination mess. At this writing, there are eight major candidates remaining in the Presidential election race. Three on the Democratic side, and five on the Republican side.

Because of Oklahoma state rules involved in next weeks' February 5 primary, I will be voting in the Democratic party selection, for Illinois Senator Barack Obama. In strict opposition to the Socialists John Edwards and Hillary Clinton. And I heartily encourage other Democratic Okies to vote for Senator Obama as well...

NO!! I am not a Democrat. I am a rock-ribbed, dyed-in-the-wool, $$ contributing Conservative. The only one around here, for miles... I just happen to be registered Democrat in Latimer County. ((YES, there IS a story of blatant, overruling partisan interference involved. But that is a story for later...))

Suffice it to say, despite my registration as a Democrat in Latimer county, Oklahoma,
I Am A Conservative Republican.

And during open primary elections like ours, slated for February 5, I shall vote for the Democrat I want to see facing the (or any) Republican candidate in the following General election.
This year, it will be Barack Obama, as I suspect all of Oklahoma Democrats will support as well.

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