Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Postcards From University Life

Dear Mom and Dad, and even you, sister:

Well! This has been a big week here at my university!

We had a visit from our beloved President, Mr. Ahmadinejad last Sunday! He was here on campus to announce that our country's nuclear power stations are moving forward, on the government's schedule, and at the same time, he showed us huge photographs of some new missiles that our country has!

I am sad to say that Mr. Ahmadinejad did not address the plight of our country's regular citizens, as to the increasing prices of food and fuel. I guess that he had so much on his mind, elsewhere.
My best friends persuaded me to take part in a special welcome to our President, before his arrival here.
We had signs made, and we composed a special song just for him, and when he heard us and saw us and our signs, he had his most personal advisors come to us, and select several of us for special recognition to the other university students around Iran here.

We went with these men, to a special "holding area", in preparation no doubt, of a very special presentation soon!

This special "holding area" is not accommodating, as was my university dorm room, but I understand that it is to be only temporary, and that a final holding area is being prepared for us.
Isn't our President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and our Revolutionary Islamic Council just the greatest~!! ?

I will call or write more to you, my dear parents, and less-dear little sister, very soon-- the men who serve as our "counselors" are here to take us all to breakfast, no doubt!
Bye, for now, and with love, -- Ali

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