Thursday, January 17, 2008

Renewed Interest in Tancredo?

The unquestioned, leading voice in America against illegal immigration along the U.S. southwestern border,
Representative Tom Tancredo is getting tons much more 'face time' on all the major networks and cable news shows, now that he has stepped down from the Presidential election.

I supported the good Representative for President, until his withdrawl statement in December, 2007.

As you can see in the right margin here, I presently support another very low ranking candidate.
But now, I am seeing Tom Tancredo on the tube daily, being asked about illegal immigration here.

It would certainly be in the best interests of the United States, if the GOP nominee were to choose Tom Tancredo as a Vice Presidential running mate, or Secretary of Homeland Security or Interior, at the very least...

Ain't it just too funny... how other candidates cannot beg for the same amount of face time lately~!

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Abouna said...

I sure hope Tancredo changes his mind and runs again. I think he is the only one we can count on to secure our borders and force the illegals out.