Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Save Me, Silky!

Gorgeous John Edwards is finishing his campaign with a heavy dose of the middle-class-focused populist message his campaign believes has left him tied for first among Democratic presidential contenders in polls of the state's first-in-the-nation caucus-goers.
In a strategy memo sent to reporters today, the former North Carolina senator's campaign declares itself focused on the economy, well-positioned in the state and "ready to use the momentum from a strong Iowa finish to propel us in New Hampshire and beyond".
"Edwards is closing the campaign talking about the kitchen-table issues that matter most to people: jobs, health care, trade, education, and financial security," deputy campaign manager Jonathan Prince writes in the memo. From The Swamp.

What is "beyond New Hampshire"? Oblivion? A bloody trainwreck called America, led by President Edwards?

Candidate John Edwards' view of America is one of abject poverty abounding, supplied with numerous Safety Nets to catch each and every person who makes a bad decision within their lives.

Hey, John Edwards!! It is my own fault that I'm unemployed right now, but I want to own a Big screen TV, and free satellite TV, too! I am 'Middle Class', so when can I expect delivery?
Or is your idea of 'Middle class' that we, they should be kept there in that economic state, never hoping to achieve more or better, on our own initiative?

I'd just hate it, if you were to offer words of 'self-reliance' and responsibility for oneself, instead of all your expensive Safety nets programs....

Please take care of me, Silky Pony, because I hate having to think and choose for myself--

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