Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Scoreboard Watching

The scoreboard tells the tale-- Georgia beat the whoppin' hell outta Hawai'i last night, 41 to 10, and the score makes the game seem closer than it ever was.

Georgia was dominant in every aspect of the game, while Hawai'i's Warriors seemed like a Juni'ior High School team in the 2008 Sugar Bowl Game. Justification of the season long, low rating for Hawai'i, given their poor schedule. SO WHAT if they went undefeated, until last night? They played and beat nobodies all year long. Out of 119 NCAA Division 1-A teams, their schedule was ranked 119th.

There is a similar game going on, with the better "team", a presidential candidate in the 2008 race, trailing badly, late in the game, and playing poorly like Hawai'i did-- that is a fine man named Duncan Hunter.

Now before everyone gets acid reflux planning how to reply to this, let me state that, without doubt, Duncan Hunter is, IS the conservative of this race, in the mold of Ronald Reagan. That given, that understood, why hasn't Duncan Hunter polled better in the Republican presidential race? His less than 2% support in both Iowa and New Hampshire, behind the screwball Ron Paul, is alarming; that his urgent message about the security of the United States in this day and age goes mostly unheeded, is very, very disturbing...

And in just over 24 hours from now, he may drop out of the race entirely. Certainly, by the time that the "Super Tuesday" primaries of February 5, 2008 roll around, he will be financially and news-worthily out of the race, if not physically. Continuing to root for, pull for, and to campaign for Duncan Hunter, when he is down by 38 points late in the 4th quarter, makes as much sense as thinking that Hawai'i could pull out the win against the Dawgs last night, trailing by as much and as late.

While the lame-brained, ill-conceived Iowa caucuses tomorrow night may indicate a 'frontrunner' candidate in both parties, for Duncan Hunter to achieve the 15% of the vote needed to qualify for Federal matching funds is a longshot.

In the very latest polls available, Duncan Hunter isn't even ranked behind the other 5 R. candidates-- with the numbers showing Huckabee with 29%, Romney at 28.3%, McCain with 12.8%, Thompson at 11.8%, Paul with 7.5%, and Giuliani with 6%. That itself totals 95.4%.... exclusive of the undecided bunch and Duncan's small crowd.

Iowegians don't even all show up at these ill-conceived caucus thingies. Estimates of 90,000 voters statewide in the Republican ranks are boasted.

That is a front loaded posion pill for candidates with a small following, despite being the Conservative leader in the bunch.

And like it or not, Hunter rates even fewer supporters in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Plenty of negative press long before the 22 states which vote on Super Tuesday. The state of Nevada holds another lame-brained caucus, on Saturday, January 19th.

By February 5, there may be only 3 candidates left in both parties, for the Super Tuesday primaries.

It is 4th down and 15 to go; time to send in the punter. The quarterback is not up to going back out there.


Devil James said...

I'm sure you mean well, but honestly, for the sake of our country man! Duncan Hunter has been working hard for both his constituents and his pragmatism and honesty has certainly saved the lives and limbs of certainly hundreds more likely thousands of our soldiers. It's unconscionable that he is not being recognized and listened to more, and that Americans are not being given a proper opportunity to hear a real leader. Though it's hard for you to beleive, there are still many Americans who believe voting is a solommn duty, and who are preparing for it accordingly. Citizens who are true believers and for who electing a president never was and never will be compared with a meaningless sporting event with the country serving as a scoreboard.

Ronald Reagan and Duncan Hunter have about as much similarity as a bobcat and a tiger. No matter what the history books, or Fox news, or Chris Matthews or some do nothing senator says. If this is the WRONG to say, It's because it shouldn't have to be pointed out in the first place.

The Localmalcontent said...

Devil, you said all you needed to say, in only the first five words above.

The rest of your comment displays your ignorance of me, the Local Malcontent and my blog.

I DO support Duncan Hunter! Something you'd know, if you had bothered to read any other blog but this one. Such as the very next one,'My first mistake of 2008', or something like that.
Or look in the margin, at the candidate whom I endorse there, and everywhere.

And wow, even your argument is in great error: For I do not equate electing a president, to a 'meaningless' sporting event;
And I'm similarly perplexed by your next comment as well.
Rather than 'what the history books, FOX or (heaven forbid) Chris Matthews or a do nothing Senator, I should instead listen to "you, The Devil James".


But thanks for dropping by, leaving your ignorant, caustic comments, and flying away. Also, thanks for missing my windshield with your contribution.

The Localmalcontent said...

Also, Devil Jimbo:

I appreciate your kind words and your support of Duncan Hunter--

I too, support Mr. Hunter in his presidential run. As hopefully, you have learned, though I doubt it.

Since you are from San Francisco, you must realize that anything you say is taken with a huge grain of salt.
Nothing good ever comes out of San Francisco, except the 101-South, eh?