Friday, January 4, 2008

Something Very Ugly Happening in Australia

Some of you good American readers of this bloggie may know that I have a good, very Liberal, atheist friend in Sydney, Australia. Jon is his name.

He has railed ever since we met over the blognet, against the Conservative government of former P.M. John Howard.

Jon, my friend, campaigned for the new liberal P.M., Mr. Kevin Rudd, and I was quick to congratulate him on his candidate's victory in November.

Now there's a problem with said "Labor" Prime Minister Rudd (keep in mind, that Australian conservatives are labeled "Liberals", and the left-wingers there are called "Labor") It seems that the Labor government is prepared to enact draconian, even Orwellian government oversight on an individual's Internet access and usage. The government is about to restrict Australian freedom by making all Internet Service Providers, ISPs, filter out all pornographic websites, in a Socialistic effort to stop child porno, and to prevent children wherever from accessing any pornography at all.

Australia's plans to filter Internet under fire, from the Sydney Morning Herald, a left-winging newspaper.

The effort to minimize, to vanquish kiddie porn is very laudable; it is a filthy, perverted, SICK obsession.

Instead of going after the individuals who view and/or download and/or produce this stuff, the government intends to enact a blanket prohibition on ISPs, inhibiting freedom of choice?, speech?, what?

And hello! Jon is beginning to see the light of day: that a left-wing, Labor government acts as Big Brother, restricting individual rights. That much of it, is great to see; he will become a conservative at this rate, in no time! (LOL, Jon)

But the audacity of the Rudd government is something that Americans should watch as well. Because during the Australian election process, this bunch exuded 'compassion and care' for every Aussie; like a wolf in a sheep's clothing, like John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are doing here in the States during our political campaign.

Likewise, the Rudd administration has already reneged on Global Warming promises made, backing away from Kyoto Accord mandates recently in Bali.

Jon has started another blog since the government's announcement, called Broadbanned Revolution- Fighting The Powers That Be, and subtitled "A blog to help inspire organized resistance to the ALPs ill-advised, counter-productive and potentially totalitarian plan to impose mandatory ISP-based filtering on all residential Internet feeds by default. This is *not* about the filth they are trying to block. This about the Orwellian mechanism they are building to do it.".

Here, Jon, who is an I.T. professional, tears apart the suggestions of the Minister of Communications (that alone is a frightening title!!), Stephan Conroy, and offers thoughtful and plausible, alternative policies to restricting Internet content en mass.

In Jon's own brave words:
"I am deeply concerned about the proposal of the Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy, to impose mandatory filtering responsibilities on Internet service providers in an attempt to restrict children's access to pornography. I write as one with some technical literacy in these matters and no financial interest in the ISP industry.
In his announcement Senator Conroy stated that under the proposed laws all residential and school Internet feeds would be clean by default and anyone wishing to have unrestricted access would have to negotiate an opt-out with their service provider. Presumably this will be achieved by ticking the box requesting a smutty feed.
Senator Conroy claimed that "if people equate freedom of speech with watching child pornography, then the Rudd Labor Government is going to disagree". In doing so, Senator Conroy has attempted to smear any opponent of his plan as an advocate of free access to child pornography. This is deeply offensive and he should withdraw or clarify his statement immediately."

Way to go, Jon! Yours is a worthy fight. I'm so proud to call you 'Friend', buddy, and offer all the support I can.


Jon Seymour said...
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Jon Seymour said...

Thanks for your support, LMC!

I always have been a left-libertarian. More left and more libertarian than Ghandi, if The Political Compass is any guide. I'd be interested to learn where you rate on this, btw.

The problem with politics today is that both sides of the spectrum are way too right-wing and far too authoritarian. I see my role as acting as a kind of air brake in a vain attempt to stop it going any further towards the top (authoritarian) right corner of the political compass.

The Localmalcontent said...

No, thank you Jon, for what you are doing in your country.
As I said, if there's anything I can do to assist in your efforts, you know how to contact me, I'm pleased to help.

I ran off and took that Political Compass test. And while I thought some of the questions were phrased in such a way as to 'hint' to one or another leaning, I chose to accept each Q. on face value only.

Doing so gave me a score of Economic Left/Right: +1.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.74, sort of just right and below point 0,0.
I think I'd have scored more 'right', if I'd disagreed that pot should be illegal, or that ALL abortions should be illegal.
So, my fellow Libertarian (by 1.74), what now??

Jungle Mom said...

LMC, this is off topic, but I just posted about my poor children and the fact that they inherited their Cherokee grand mothers three and even four rooted molars. It made me wonder if the Choctaw have this tendency as well. Just curious and hope this is not too personal of a question.

The Localmalcontent said...

Hello again, Jungle Mother!

Very pleased you have come by here, to the slums again.
YES, it is true at least in my case. I had wisdom teeth removed at age 26 or 27, each had three roots to them. And I have a bad molar tooth, left back side (!), which split in two, indicating three maybe four root. now fixed.

That IS a really interesting racial consideration, you pose.
I will do more checking, and respond on your site, OK?
But wow, thanks for thinking of asking, and G-D bless you, yours.

Jungle Mom said...

It is interesting, except when one is dealing with it! I have the same problem and never realized it was anything out of the ordinary, as my family all had the same issue!