Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tangible Forms of Iranian Abuse

Abuse, as a national policy, is predominant in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since January 28th, when I re-named my Local Malcontent blog "January 30, Solidarity with Imprisoned Iranian Students", I have illustrated the names of students currently imprisoned there for their "crimes" of freedoms, and their likely punishments... death by hanging.

But Iranian governmental abuse comes in so many variations, and not the least of them, is this:

The continued counterfeiting of U.S. currency, to assist in the funding of their state sponsored terrorism.

These photos come from my friend Kamangir's site:
As this is likely to be the final posting under the above headline, "January 30th Solidarity with Imprisoned Iranian Students", I want to leave you with this thought, with my hopes that you comprehend it: It is the Government of Iran, that the United States has a powerful disagreement with,
NOT the majority of the citizens living regular lives, or trying to, within Iran.

And also, you should know that most people in the large, chanting crowds you may see on TV, are there chanting under threat of life and limb. The chants "Death to America", and "The great Satan" are spoken in order to save their butts, or their families'.

The intolerant and dangerous ones in Iran are those in
positions of power in the Islamic Theocracy currently.

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