Thursday, January 31, 2008

Those Ks do not stand for "Strike Out"

Pigs flying south for the season. Snowmen in Hades. And the Rev. Jesse Jackson and I are in complete agrement on this one.

Check this out, while I go get a handful of aspirin.

From Sports Illistrated

New York (AP) - Jesse Jackson criticized Major League Baseball on Thursday for sending investigators to the hometowns of umpires to ask neighbors questions that include whether the ump belongs to the Ku Klux Klan.

"Major League Baseball has done a disservice to its progressive social history by equating southern whites with white supremacists," Jackson said in a statement. "I am surprised the professional league which helped change social attitudes in all sports leagues about segregation by championing Jackie Robinson, would make such a destructive move."

Far from a perfectly understandable investigation into a player's alleged steroid/HGH usage to pump up, or weeding out the Pete Roses who gamble on games they are a part of, Major League Baseball is playing 'thought police' now too, concerning three umpires who live along the Mason-Dixon line.

It gets worse, if this story is true:

MLB asked umpires to sign authorizations allowing the sport to conduct financial backgrounds checks, but umps balked.

"We did not anticipate that they would approach neighbors posing as a close colleague and friend of the umpire's and asking them questions such as: Do you know if umpire 'X' is a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Does he grow marijuana plants? Does he beat his wife? Have you seen the police at his home? Does he throw wild parties?" Baseball stepped up background checks last August, after it became public that the FBI was investigating NBA referee Tim Donaghy for betting on games.

Pope Benedict XVI announces that he is, indeed Jewish.

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