Monday, January 28, 2008

**A Worldwide Blogger Protest of Iranian Student Treatment**

Heyyeh-- Brothers and Sisters Around our Mother Earth, Native Americans, First Citizens of Canada, the Aboriginal Peoples of Central and South America:

I want to tell you of a country, and of an oppressed people who are restricted in severe ways by the leaders of that land, Iran.

A country at war with itself, pulling itself apart. A place where the young minds are told to cease thinking great and bright thoughts.

There is no sign of a free eagle in their skies. There are no freedoms of the peoples to think, or to act as they feel.

Worst, there is a dark, unbending Sovereign forced upon them. A Sovereign so often proven inconsistent, proven wrong, proven to be without heart or compassion for this people.

I plead, I urge each person reading this, who himself or herself is free today, tonight, to raise this Persian people up to our loving, giving Father of Love, in Remembrance;

To ask our Father Yahweh, and His Son Jesus Christ, as I do in solidarity with those who have been delivered already, to deliver these others, His people, from their bonds, inflicted by a leadership Unwanted and Unwise.

I ask this in our Saviour Jesus Christ's Holy name, Amen.
My Brother's Iranian Blogsite, and others.

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