Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's The Tyrant Without The Beard

"Surprise, surprise, suprise~!"

Raul Castro was named president of Cuba today, Sunday, ending his brother Fidel Castro's 49-year rule, but keeping the country on a communist path.
So, could it be said also, that Raul had a 49-year Vice Presidency?
George W. Bush, reportedly, was stunned by the disappointing news.

Raul Castro is widely expected to bring some economic reforms to Cuba's economy but in a sign that change is unlikely to be deep or abrupt, hardline communist party ideologue Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, was named first vice president, or Cuba's No. 2.

In his first speech as Cuba's new leader, Raul Castro said he could continue to consult Fidel Castro on important decisions of state.

Wonder if he has begun to burn his underwear, as Fidel did,
to thwart the U.S. plans to kill him?

Stark photos of crumbling communist Cuba under Fidel, and pro-democracy Cuban commentaries can be had at The Real Cuba.


Abouna said...

So what else is new? The New Boss is the same as the old Boss.

obladee, oblada life goes on, bra!

One Southern Belle said...

Does anyone else find it strange that the Cuban gov't chose to announce Castro's resignation via Internet in the middle of the night? Has anyone seen Fidel since the announcement? I think the guy is dead!