Friday, February 8, 2008

Hillary: "What, Me Worry?"

Mrs. Clinton is sleeping well these nights, knowing that her nomination is ironclad at the Democratic Convention in Denver this August. Despite her claims recently, of her campaign being so tight on cash, that she "loaned" it 5 Million bucks.

And despite many voters intentions to vote instead for Barack Obama. Because, thanks to time-tested, back room arm twisting, the various states' "Super Delegates" are in the bag. Already.

Hillary knows that they are in her corner already, making all her speeches and stunts moot--a play presented for the masses.

Knowing that her regular delegate count won't be near the number needed, 2025, to cement the nomination for her on the first nomination go-round, she and Slick have been arm twisting local and state Democratic players in certain states to choose to count for her, regardless of how their district may have voted.

So, Barack Obama could go into the convention with more simple delegates than she, but the super delegates will know who they are to vote for, or else-- Vince Fostered when they least expect it.

Chris Bowers at Open Left does a great job of explaining how Democrats will make choices made by the actual voters irrelevant.

(Its not what you know, but WHO you can threaten/promise the most to.) And this very real election theft is not beneath the Clintons.

Or hadn't you learned that yet?


Abouna said...

With all of the brainwashed and brain dead public school graduates, most people either don't remember or don't know of all the damage that Clinton did to this country when he was president. Giving away missal technology to Communist China, allowing Bin Laden to slip through his fingers, Vince Foster, and all the other scandals he and Hillary were involved in. They have no idea just how treacherous those two can be, especially when they feel that they are being cornered. God help us all if Hillary gets elected, she will complete the destruction of America that her husband started.

The Localmalcontent said...

You are precisely right. But don't forget all the Braindead Britany Spears and\or Paris Hilton fans. They "vote" too, I'll bet.