Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lovin' It! - Too Excited

Heee's back! Halito!

I am so excited about going back to work tomorrow, I'm about to explode... with anticipation and expectation.

Two days of 'orientation' in OKC showed me that more than anything, I am law enforcement for the Department governing the electronic gaming regulations, paperwork at our several Indian gaming sites throughout Oklahoma.

I feel like Mrs. Slocombe from "Are You Being Served" did, in that episode where she gets the thrill of her employment life, when she's invited to leave Grace Brothers, and become 'Head Moggy washer', at Herrod's Pet Imporium! (She nearly faints at the news) I'm about 10 feet off the ground, I'm so excited. I've told just a handful of friends my new job, my assignment: They each, all just think it's sweet justice! (Sorry, if you aren't a devotee to AYBS, you don't know what I mean at all... LOL)

Because if there's one thing I admire and support way more than anything, it's law enforcement. And while I don't wear the badge, nor carry the gun, I am regulation enforcement, and I carry a camera and a laptop, with my citation book and inspection tags.
And the best part-- I know the tricks that casinos have used in the past, shall we say, to keep their gaming machines active, above and beyond the regs.

My territory will encompass the southeast part of Oklahoma, which includes all the Choctaw casinos (!) and one Racino, in Sallisaw; three Cherokee sites, one Seneca-Cayuga, and two Creek Indian sites.

I cannot say anything else so specifically either here, or anywhere, but I look forward to my own tribe to feel Shock, when I come calling now.

This will be my first and only comment about my new job, my new role in Oklahoma's Indian gaming.

And I can't wait...! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Jungle Mom said...

Be nice to the Cherokees;)
No, just do a good job! Sounds like you will!

The Localmalcontent said...

Aww, alright, well, just for you Jungle Mom...