Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Melodramatic Battle for Second Banana

It seems that today, former presidential candidate Mitt "Bud" Romney again stunned everyone-with-a-pulse in America, and endorsed Senator John McCain for president.
Is this more of the catchers Mitt's 'we've got to come together NOW' strategy, as he posited last week at CPAC?

Or is this a suck-up move to be the Veep with McCain on this year's ticket for the GOP?

Romney just said that there "should be common ground within the Republican party."

My gosh, we sound like the fragmented-disenfranchised party!
((McCain will not stand close beside, or make eye-contact with Romney!)) BAD VIBES?

Regardless, Romney's 280 delegates, plus McCain's 843, equals.... uh, umm, carry the 3, double the 1 uh, and add 4, equals 1,123 delagates.

Shoot the Moon, the Maverick is our Candidate~!

Senator McCain would be reckless really, to invite Mitt "DoorMatt" Romney to be his vice-presidential candidate: He'd be much more palatable to conservatives, if he were to choose either Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo instead.... and thereby pull in the conservative, and the Southwestern US vote. Everyone knows, Juan McCain Cain't do it by himself...

A commenter at Michelle Malkin's site, "DocattheAutopsy" adroitly said:
"Here’s the problem, and it’s been a problem for the last 4 elections. Whom do I dislike the least? I despised AlGore, so I voted for Bush. Kerry was the absolute worst choice ever, so I voted Bush. Now? It’s McCain and Obama. Obama is a man with great words but no substance, and McCain’s done his best to completely alienate the base of the Republican party. And now, the GOP is choosing McCain in primaries, which makes me want to hurl."

So here’s my dilemma– maybe yours, too: Do I vote for/want McCain as President, who will damage the GOP brand for years to come, or do I NOT vote/want Obama elected, who will do inexorable damage for the next 4/8 years to the United States of America, but will highlight the utter failures of the Dems and their policies?

You see, if we elect Obama, we get the Senate/House back in 4/6 years. If we elect McCain, we have him in for 4/8 and a blue Congress, with possible opportunities to work on Congress every two years or so.

Which choice do I dislike the least?

And what would an endorsement by neer-do-well John Edwards do to the race?
Can Global Warming spare America of this tragedy, with 15 foot floodwaters in mile-high Denver?
Will Monica Lewinsky become the next Secretary of the Interior....???....???

'Tune in again, next week, for the over-dramatic answers... another bombshell, and more daunting questions....'

America's screwed, and that comes from a known Malcontent, for goodness' sake.

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