Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh, the Heartache and Lonliness in a Unicameral State

What is the going price for a super delegate's support in Democratic politics?

'Please come visit our crummy state.'

Not taking any chances, the Obama (187 Super delegates) and Clinton (213) campaigns have been actively wooing super delegates. A Clinton campaign official told ABC News' Kate Snow that even Chelsea Clinton has been making calls to super delegates when she's in the car between stops at campaign events. (I will forego the joke here; a similar one got that MSNBC reporter into hot water...)

Democratic super delegate Vince Powers, a party official in Lincoln, Neb., originally endorsed former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, but got a call from Bill Clinton minutes before Edwards delivered his official farewell speech last Wednesday.

Powers told ABC News' Michael Elmore that he told Bill Clinton he wouldn't be endorsing another candidate unless they personally visited Nebraska.

"We're not asking for much. We don't get much help from the national party," Powers told ABC News. "We are starved out here. I want a generation that says they remember when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigned out here."

Oh, the heartache of being a Democrat in a red state...

Would you settle for Chelsea waving at you out the window, as she flies over, Mr. Powers?

I love watching the Democratic Party eating it's young like this! Elsewhere, at least two Super delegates are threatening to quit the Democrats altogether, should the super delegates vote contrary to their state's popular vote design.

This is proving that there are voting irregularities built into the Democratic system- their bread and butter, and only source of power- cheating. What's worse, what's more, is that this also proves who it is that divides and catagorizes voters by gender and by race. Sit back and enjoy watching the Democrats either splinter up this summer, or install flimsy patches over its fissures.

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