Monday, February 4, 2008

One Season Ends, One Season Continues

Greetings from the alternate universe I must live in... where New England won the SuperBowl. LOL! (Congratulations to the N.Y. Giants for a thrilling game!)

The Patriots played like the Oklahoma Sooners do: Win every game but the somewhat-important last one.

And now it's Super Tuesday Eve! Happy Super Tuesday Eve, everyone... Sadly, it's time to return to national politics, as the only game in town.

I would like to urge you to vote for one particular candidate or two, in your states' primary or caucus, but being a once-burned, new state employee, I shall refrain from campaigning for my candidate or my party on this one.

I only will say this: I urge you all to exercise your privilege tomorrow, and vote. Vote your consciences, and vote NOT for what our country can do for you, but what our country needs from us all.

Vote for freedom and security; vote for your choice of national leader who will abide by our Constitution, and not expand the Federal government and it's inevitable hold on your life.
Maybe it might be good, if you put yourself into the shoes of those who wish to hurt America for a moment; while there, ask yourself who the enemies of America would want to see elected as President this year... and then go vote in the opposite way, tomorrow.

And should it help you in your choosing, remember that the next day, Wednesday, February 6th, is Ronald Reagan's 95th birthday.

Can there be another one done 'for the Gipper'? Only you can give him that.


Abouna said...

Unfortunately, I am a life-long registered member of the Conservative Party and because of that fact, I am not allowed to vote in my State's Primary elections (New York State). According to our State's election laws, ONLY registered Republicans and Democrats are allowed to vote in the primaries. Also, only registered Republicans and Democrats are allowed to volunteer to be polling station monitors.

So, I have made the decision that if John McCain wins and becomes the GOP candidate in November, I refuse to vote. I will stay home on election day, rather then cast a vote for the demise of America. You can check out my reasons on my Tuesday posting on my blog.

Jungle Mom said...

And today is my birthday.
We already voted here in Fla.

The Localmalcontent said...

A very happy birthday to you, Jungle Mom, with many happy returns. Fill the day with the love and laughter of your close loved ones, plus a delicious cake!

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, I can understand your present situation, and I share your frustration and angst with "McCaint". I McCaint vote for him either.
Due to circumstance beyond my control back when I turned 18, I am a Registered Democrat here in Oklahoma. But I've since learned the fine art of negative voting in the Dhimmi primaries, and await the chance to vote for Mr. Gingrich (I didn't say that, did I)
another time.