Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Fine Kettle of Fish

Honestly, I didn't feel like writing a Local Malcontent post this week, at all. Other matters elsewhere, more important, ya know? I've been at hospitals three days visiting sick friends there.

Well. I would like nothing more than to write something light and clever here. Cheerful, maybe even brilliant for once. But I just can't. I am just in shock, caused by the events of the past two months. The direction that my political party is going these days is toward demolition.

It was only two months ago or so, that Tom Tancredo dropped out of the Republican presidential race. Then Duncan Hunter went down and out, after the Nevada caucuses. These two were...WERE the conservatives of the bunch. After these two dropped out, I tried to like Fred Thompson and even America's mayor, Rudy Giuliani, mostly unsuccessfully.

But Fred Thompson never acted like he had the fire in his belly for the job of President of the United States; many accused Thompson of being either lazy or disinterested in campaigning. It must've been one or the other, because when he dropped out after South Carolina's primary, that eliminated all the true conservatives from this contest.

Crud-- I composed a December blog post condemning Mr. Romney's religion as a cult, so I personally discounted his viability altogether from the start; and I was convinced by the media that Rudy was "overly touting" 9/11, and his true courage during those dark, dark days: So for the most part, I discounted the mayor's credentials, too.

But despite Giuliani's socially liberal stances on gay marriage, gun control and all, I thought I could literally hold my nose, while voting for him this November.
Until he too, quit after Florida. His single focus, on one state. That strategy underscored my doubts about him. He had, afterall, been a productive mayor and US attorney against the mob.

So, by process of elimination, I watched Mr. Romney with more interest, despite my condemnation of Mormonism. And today, after winning 10 RED CONSERVATIVE STATES (!!)on Tuesday, he gracefully bows out, too. What the ... !??

Now what? Ron "Creepy Uncle" Paul? Not no, but...NO!!
Another Arkansas Governor, from Hope? Sorry, once bitten, twice shy there, boy.

So, America, you are gonna get what you paid for.

I feel like putting the entire blame on the regal Reaganist authors and hosts of conservative Talk Radio; the Rushs, Hannitys, the Boortzs and Becks.

None of these authoritative "Pundits" led a wave of American conservatives toward the real deal, Duncan Hunter, or towards Tom Tancredo. Instead, they talk up the Giulianis, Romneys and the McCains and the Huckabees.
And that is what we are now left with, and NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE,
in the mold of Reagan, amongst them.

To me, it was these national talk show hosts who led us all down the primrose lane, distracting their legion audiences from Tancredo, Hunter and Thompson.

Well, America, what now? You have two liberals running for president: John McCain, and either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Or that crazy former Georgia representative, Cynthia McKinney, who is the Green Party candidate. Or Michael Bloomberg. Or Ralph Nader, for the 23rd straight presidential election.

Or our creepy uncle Ron Paul.


Abouna said...

Sad to say, my dear friend, but for the first time since I first registered to vote over 40 years ago, I will not be voting in November. I know that there are those who feel that we should at least vote for the lesser of two evils.

Well, my Conservative and religious principles will not allow me to vote for evil in any form, even if it is a lesser evil.

In the end, American people will get the leadership they deserve.

The Localmalcontent said...

Yes, it is sad to say. I will sit this one out too, in protest!

And I hope, urge other conservatives with your principled reasoning to also stay at home that November Tuesday.

Let the national Republican party get the message, that we the American people of the same stripe, insist on true conservative candidates, or else... well a revolution or something.
We'll give them until 2010 or 1012 to get the message.

Winghunter said...

Have Sharp Edges, Will Travel.

"But Fred Thompson never acted like he had the fire in his belly for the job of President of the United States; many accused Thompson of being either lazy or disinterested in campaigning."

Getting The Story Straight by Fred Dalton Thompson

AP Gives Thompson the ‘04 Treatment by Jed Babbin

Conservative Blackout by Lisa Fabrizio

What Do We Do Now?

We hold our nose with both hands if necessary and pull the lever of the voting booth with the crook of our elbow. Then we keep one hand on the phone as we did for both attempts of the Shamnesty bill when we crashed their phone system in response and never take both eyes off Juan McCain at any given moment.

In the mean time we work at being smarter by not being marks for Liberal manipulation;

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams

Lets get into being smart instead of removing our ass from the process...we can do this!

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks, Winghunter, for coming by and for taking the time to comment.
"Sharp edges, Will Travel" is great!
However, the question I posed "Well, America, what now?" is essentially rhetorical, not a search for a direction.

To me and other conservatives, America has already been led around by the media, both lefties and righties, to ignore true conservatives who once were in the race, only to trumpet the mayor or the Mitt.
Thus, my question could have been better phrased to read "Well, America, you've ignored and thrown away the good ones, leaving only the bad ones, what now?"

You come 'round more often, alright, Winghunter?