Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sir Charles, Governor of Alabama?

They've had worse-- much worse:

It feels like it's been all Charles Barkley all week long which is fantastic. Almost as fantastic as the idea of him running for governor of Alabama in 2014, which is what he told Wolf Blitzer this afternoon in the CNN Situation Room.

In fact, Barkley went so far as to point out that he purchased a home in the state last year and that he was going to fulfill all the talk that we have heard about him diving headfirst into politics.

A black candidate I can really get behind, and be completely hidden! I have always dug this guy, since his Philadelphia 76'er days.

Maybe a move to Mobile, from the safe sod of Yanush? Hmmmm...

I've had plenty of urging in the recent past,
to become a Bama fan, too-- so maybe Tuscaloosa?


One Southern Belle said...

Roll Tide, baby!

The Localmalcontent said...

Sports Illustrated credits Bama with the best recruit class this spring, in the nation.

So yeah, Roll Tide over everyone beginning in a year or two

The Localmalcontent said...

Stewart Mandel's column has the best take on the recruits.

One Southern Belle said...

Read the column--thanks!

Save your Confederate money, boys! The South is gonna rise again!