Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sunny Optimism, Confidence and Warmth of Tony Snow

This guy has stage four cancer of the liver now, after all his chemothearapy and some portion of his liver already removed.

But in listening to this following clip of Snow, can you tell that, or can you hear any whining or fear or resignation in his voice? Apparently Mr. Snow substituted for Bill OReilly today on his radio show.
Rather, you hear his confidence and optimism for a miracle, and a genuine thankfulness for friends and loved ones, and their kindnesses to him and his family.

And Mr. Snow talks about his current cancer-defeating regimen here, through the always positve and sunny manner he has, and will continue to have,

after this unwelcome intruder has been ejected.

We are all praying with conviction and confidence, for you, Tony.


Abouna said...

Tony Snow is truly a rare gem. We should all try to emulate him. It would make this a much better world.

Jungle Mom said...


The Localmalcontent said...

Isn't he though!!

For literally, by his own words, his faith is in his Creator, is in his Savior.

Thankful for friends and family, and reliant upon prayer, do we, does Tony give G-D His glory!