Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Surprise Ending to this Islamic Horror-flick ?

Lovingly lifted from the simply brilliant Dustbury dot COM.

Mahdi all the time

What the Islamists need, suggests Dr Weevil, is a dash of Apocalypse Now:

Barack Obama's weirdly Messianic campaign could conceivably turn out to be useful in
the War on Terror. Why not start a rumor that he's the Twelfth Imam?
That should freak out Ahmadinejad and his millennarian terrorist buddies. How better to be a 'Hidden' Imam than to arrange to be born in Hawaii, insist that you are not a Muslim, and run for presidency of the Great Satan?
An imam can't get much more hidden than that.

I'm doing my part. And besides, the rumors are already being denied, which further advances the meme.

Yes. Yes We Can. Si. Si, Se Puede!

And in my own mind, this plants the final nail in Shrillary's aspirational, but not inspirational, presidential Coffin.
[Cue Tear Flow]

Somewhere, a high-level Bill / Hillary Clinton operative is furiously researching this, as he gnashes his teeth down to his gums.

Note to Mr. Obama: Run with this. Make this aspect of your personal history a major talking point, and coast in.
Be photographed getting measured for your halo, even--

But like your silly, absurd
economic proposals for America, you should drop it like a hot, black meteorite from space, once you are sworn in next year.

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