Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Week's Schedule, at ~The Local Malcontent blog~

This Week With The Local Malcontent Presents:

On Monday, A scathing report and analysis of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, entitled
"Where Bill Went Wrong".
*Also on Monday, a short post on why most rocks are not shaped exclusively cubicle, instead, most are round!

On Tuesday, February 26th, a look back at the 1993 Twin Towers bombing, "15 Years Later".
Also on Tuesday, a short post on "Okra-- The Food of Gods Through the Centuries".
And over at my "Krazy Talk" blog, another delicious madman recipe--

On Wednesday, The Local Malcontent highlights and explores the deep and subliminal meanings of "Lemon-Lime Sodas", replete with several examples of sub-lime-anal advertising...
And also, a tribute to the Hillary "Clinton Campaign-- An Exploration of Futility", including Hillary screechings heard Nowhere else on the Internet!

Thursday's schedule will include an in-depth analysis of "Calendar Errors Throughout the Years", which had the date of February 30 on them.
Also, "What to do, if you happen to be born on February 30th"...
But most importantly, "What To Do When Your Bath Tub Caulk Separates During A Tornado Warning or When In-Laws Are Expected In" is my exclusive topic of choice, on Thursday.

On Friday, I will be tired after a long week of driving and of work, and therefore I will offer up a 'throw-away' post, called "Al Gore Announces His Ambitions in a Third Party Candidacy".
>no need to drop by on that day<

And finally on Saturday, I, your Local Malcontent will explain that to "Live Like Me and No One Will Bother You" could be an error in judgement.

Additionally, on Saturday, an important post on "My Shower Curtain Reaks--" ,
including a copy of my letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, where I plead to be allowed to burn my shower curtain, presently a health hazard.

But regardless, or IRregardless, it will be another week passed in the vacuum of No Baseball.

For it's One, Two, Three Strikes Your'e Out, At the Old Ballgame.
Oh, save me again, Baseball Season! from P0litical Season!

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