Saturday, February 23, 2008

Those Wacky Space Aliens

Lovingly lifted from The Leamington (U.K.?) Courier.
Hat tip: Okiedoke, the Sage of Little Axe:

Was Bennett dognapped by aliens?

Bennett the dog is an excitable character who often goes running off when he is taken for a walk on Newbold Comyn.

But after one such disappearance on Sunday he returned in a state which shocked owner Sue Mountford, of Braemar Road, Lillington. She had last seen her pet "covered in mud and earth - as ever".

But Bennett mysteriously reappeared in pristine condition. In fact, he had not only had a bath, but appeared to have been blow-dried and styled. An intrigued Mrs Mountford was left pondering whether her Jack Russell had been dognapped by aliens or fallen foul of "a secret dog shampoo army at work in Newbold Comyn".

She said: "He just goes off running around when we go down to Newbold Comyn - we should know better by now but he obviously enjoys himself. I just wait for him to come back.... He always gets filthy dirty and he always goes in the mud and in rabbit burrows.
When he disappeared, he was covered in mud and earth and he came back pristine - and appeared from a different direction to where he went off."

Maybe it is a result of those pristine British rabbit holes, Mrs. Mountford.
Like your fox holes lately;
My dog Amos is still filthy from a rainstorm, one week ago,
and he could use an alien abduction shampoo.
Do you have their number handy??

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