Tuesday, February 19, 2008

... Thug's world, part II: Camel. Needle's-Eye. Thud.

A Thug's Life for Us, (Part II, at least):

For, lo! It is easier to lead a Thug's life, in a Thug's world, than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, which incidentally, is easier than for a rich man to....
(With apologies, no disrespect intended)

What is going on with us all? Other than as the fulfillment of events fortold in Revelations, I can't begin to describe the inhumanities this ole world faces just now.

I am considering composing a post called "If I Were Jesus", this weekend. One or more of you readers could beat me to this, if you want...
And I'd say, as Jesus, that "I was very alarmed and very disappointed in you",

and that like some of those secretly funny bumper stickers say, "Jesus is coming again, and boy, is He (upset).

But through His mouth, I'd also say "Why haven't all ya'll just explored the depths and bredths of Love, instead of war, anger and animosity?"
"Why haven't you understood that 'life begins at the moment of conception', and that stopping that life development is against Our Father's Sixth Commandment, and maybe bordering up against the Seventh, too? I am certain about it being afoul of the sixth, and maaaybe... the seventh, too...; that's a Judgement call for the Father, ya know?"

the world is following the dictates of a false god and religion these days, under threat of terrorism and fear

but when did Christians ever expect the world to love us, asketh dudes named John and Paul.
Our burden of proof, regarding a decent and proper, Godly way of life, is FAR more difficult than the words of Hollywood actors and zealous, false-religion leaders.

What is wrong with us, that we each and all do not stand up
and shout 'Foul' from our rooftops?
There is so much wrong, incorrect in this world, and our leaders
call for even more of it to come;
even 'blasphemous' toward our Creator and our Father Who loves us so much?
I intend to compose a post soon, this week, on the effects of
my pastor's Sunday message to us, day before yesterday,
one that seriously rocked me then and now.

Hint: Hebrews 1 and John ch. 1.... Who is the subject thereof? Only the Creator of the whole Universe, of everything I can see!, born of flesh and Who once walked amongst us. Word Up, Hommie.

And if you were this Personage, how would you judge mankind today?
Only, now I have sliced honey-glazed ham, turnip greens, a purple onion, cornbread and iced tea (in a glass),
calling me !

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