Sunday, February 17, 2008

"What Matters To You, Oddly"

If you haven't learned already, I am the world-wide expert in a few areas, according to some of the URLs and search words, which direct readers to the Lonely Local Malcontent outpost here.

According to my careful prosthesis, the Google search words which bring the majority of new readers here are "BathTub Caulking Advice". Try it real quick, and just see: This blog is at the top of the list, for heaven's sake....

But along with that once-ridiculous throwaway blogpost, I seem to be also the leading authority on "Spoon your Way to Health" a reference to Lucille Ball's JUST-hilarious Vitameatavegamin skit, 56 years ago (#1 in Google listings), as well as "Sarah and Amina Said", the very tragic Muslim honor killings last year in Lewisville, Texas. (# 9 in Google's

So, I'm thinking of just keeping my mouth shut, concerining everything but the following:

"What Matters To Me, Oddly"


Jungle Mom said...

It's so funny! I get hits for, "how to sit in a hammock'

The Localmalcontent said...

oh my, Oh My!

You made me laugh for two mins. solid with that...

If you will come and properly fix my hammock, I'll come and expertly caulk your bathtubs... Deal?

Jungle Mom said...

sure!!! I also get visits for, "How to make a blow gun', and Building out houses!